The Undying Spirit of the WIERD Crawls on Through the Cold!!!...

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Well as many of you may have heard the WIERD is in slight internal conflict as while being in the midst of the rarest dark synth excitement we've ever felt over our terrifying frozen cold mess of a Compilation coming out end of next week our days of throwing the weekly party at Southside are numbered, I've been meeting with barowners and promoters to look for a new home but as expected finding the amazing pleasure-seeking-friendly bartenders like Ben and owners like Tag, the search may take a while, but in the meantime I'm quite proud to announce the epic release party of all release parties for the WIERD Compilation is now confirmed!!!

WIERD Records Presents the WIERD Compilation Record Release Party!!!
Thursday November 2nd, 10pm-4am
Club Europa Night Club
Live performances by WIERD Records recording artists 2VM, AVague Disquiet/Mark Solotroff, Blacklist, Column, Diako Diakoff, Echo West, Epee du Bois, Fanuelle, Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Staccato du Mal, Three to Forgotten, Tobias Bernstrup, and Xeno and Oaklander(all artists TBC). DJs Pieter, Glenn, and Ramiro Jeancarlo from WIERD Records!!!
98-104 Meserole Ave.(corner of Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint)
Ph. (718)383-5723
G train to Nassau Ave., L to Bedfd.

Not sure what else to say here, of course as you can probably guess the announcement by NASA Scientists as authorized by the UN and Federal Government that Pluto is no longer to be acknowledged as a planet has given me a new found anxiety for the reason that as I think we can all agree that as Astrology has basicly now replaced Psychoanalysisas thee populist locus of 'meaning' in one's life my 'ruling planet(i.e. Superego) no longer 'exists' as I contemplate my newly found allegorization as an adopted child in Coldwave Brooklyn, hope everyone can make it out to WIERD the next 2 weeks...Cold Love as always, Pieter.

Pieter, Miss Liz, and Sean Spin the undying spirit of the WIERD!!!
Tuesday, September 12th, 11pm-4am
WIERD@ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and free drinks if you smell like a Mom who used to be a Man!!!, Midnight-1am...)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd.