Your Shrink Drunk Dials your Parents from the WIERD!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

OK kids...all of us here at Chez WIERD Centraal are still recovering from Nadal's 4 hour and 45 minute amazing Viva Espana triumph in London on Sun., called by John McEnroe 'the greatest match ever played', how much more can we just wanted to let everyone know the WIERD world is back in business for mailorder and email VRontact, apologies for the frozen cold absense...some things are simply 'more important' needless to say...VR

This week's WIERD is VRedicated to the lovely young lady who last week reported to Glenn and I the phantastically nightmarish event of her shrink drunk dialing her Tuesday night making 'inappropriate' remarks about her parents...(the 'quotes' are key here of course...complicated, oh man...)...we all love you darling...stay cold forever, though I suppose that goes without saying unfortunately at this point, our thoughts and VRayers are with you...VR :)))

Pieter, Glenn and Samuel Kk spin the Phantasmagoric Pleasures of the New WIERD Superego Destruction!
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