WIERD Presents a Lovely Evening of Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics 2Nite!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

WIERD is proud to announce that Martial Canterel's new cassette release 'Cruelty Reigns Through Ages' is now available from our old friend and WIERD compilation Volume II artist Greh Holger's Chondritic Sound Label in Ann Arbor, Michigan! In anticipation of the new Martial Canterel studio LP coming later this year, this release represents a final gathering together of various lost and unreleased trax from 2003-2007. Two versions of the cassette are available: a deluxe 2 x cassette edition(cat# ch-216x) which is packaged in a 5"x5" box with art on most surfaces (inside & out), inserts & additional information, the cassettes wrapped in lace and scented. This version comes with a bonus C30 cassette with 9 extra trax! A standard 12 track C50 edition of this release is also available(cat# ch-216). Both versions are extremely limited to 100 copies each and will most likely be sold out in the next few days. For more info and ordering visit the fantastic Chondritic Sound website, full of a comprehensive array of the best new experimental analogue electronics and industrial/noise releases from all over the world.:

We're sorry to say the long-awaited Jerusalem 2012 debut performance planned for this week has been postponed as a result of a large portion of the entire set burning down during the (literally) explosive dress rehearsals last week in Berlin and yet another green card problem at the VRareport...we assure you though that the lovely Ms.Helga and the rest of the AIDS 3D/Mi Or crew will ba back later in the year to take IT off and burn down the WIERD World like never before!

Nevertheless we continue on through the hot summer cold for another classic old school WIERD wild danceparty...so slide on in on the foggy August ice and let the chilling shiny waves undelete your wonderfully miserable day...VR

Pieter, Glenn, and Martial Canterel Spin Arvid Tuba, Asylum Party, and Ausgang Verboten!
Wednesday August 6th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St @ Delancy, NYC