WIERD Presents a Very Rare Evening with BRONZE!

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

This week WIERD proudly welcomes yet another Very Rarely and above all INORDINATELY exciting plethora of guest performers as our new VRiends from the misty cold bay area world BRONZE will be swingin through the weekly party for a live performance at midnight! Spoiled as we have much of the past few months by so many new killer bands such Twisted Wires, Silk Flowers, Cult of Youth, and Zola Jesus, Bronze combine electronics with traditional rock and accoustic instruments to meld a fantastic darkly hybridized sound that might be called something along the lines of 'Psychedelic Industrial Music' - like if Ethan Port of Savage Republic broke into Floyd's practice space in 1968, kicked young Syd out and called Holger Czukay from Can back to the future on the sell foam to join up on bass with Mr. Waters and they cruised on into the WIERD to get VR...fuck man top that, my goodness! :)

So as if that wasn't enough, our beloved investigateur of all vinylicious pleasures Jeffo! informed me earlier this week that we will also be joined by himself and the amazing Mr. ANDY BELL of British synth pop legends ERASURE! I will not be held responsible as starting any rumors here kiddies but I did coincidentally get several txts this week merely 'informing me' that Andy's VRiend and one of the true godfathers of minimal electronics himself who will only here be denoted as 'V' has also been spotted in the city in the past week while Erasure is recording their new record...so maybe...no way...but then again its WIERD you never knoo oh...Ah the synthywave pleasure that await us all tomorrow evening see you all in the frozen cold cloudzzzz....

In other News of the WIERD of late the debut LP/CD from XENO & OAKLANDER as of yesterday is now available via Itunes Just click on the link on the Wierd site:

The LP/CD version is available for pre-order now and all orders will be shipped Nov. 18th, send us an email info@WierdRecords.com to reserve your copies of either, as well as the debut LP from Led Er Est 'Dust on Common' available at the same time.

Jimi P. has just uploaded this excellent vignette of last week's X&O release party...truly an evening I will never forget...simply have no words can express the musical jouissance this project's completion brings...as the tears begin to come down...dans le FROID! :)

Jamie J. over at the Fader just posted a new WIERD Records feature on the Fader.com site with a new and unreleased Xeno & Oaklander video from Jordan Levine and a new freely downloadable mix of frozen hot new trax all made in the past few months from bands who have played in the party this year, this won't be live forever:
Secondly, its a bit much to get into here but next Thursday the WIERD family restrained circus of pleasures will be taking our annual bon voyage to the west coast as WIERD is joining forces with Sarah Stinson of LA's excellent new KILLING SPREE Party to present the WIERD FESTIVAL 2009! - 2 nights, 8 bands in downtown LA, to be followed by a third performance Sunday evening at the Knockout in San Francisco. The fliers, and a complete list of bands and special activities and parties surrounding the fest are now up on the website:

Speaking of LA, another loyal WIERD supporter Liz O. at the LA Weekly just posted a nice piece on Blacklist, for everyone out west keep an eye out for Liz's epic WIERD feature preview of next weekend fest in the Weekly next Wed. Blacklist will be playing with Swedish Indie Wave darlings of the moment The Merry Onnettes tomorrow evening at Union Hall in BK and WIERD will play host to the afterparty.

Ah the long daze that lie ahead...prepare yourselves darlings yessss...

Pieter, Jeffo!, and Andy Bell(Erasure)Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday November 4th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by BRONZE(San Francisco, CA) at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC