WIERD presents a Very Rare performance by THE LIVING DAYS tonight!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Tonite will be another truly excellent eveing in the WIERD as we welcome a live performance by The Living Days as well as the official US VRecord release party for DANZA MECCANICA! - the epic historical compilation of Italian Cold Wave and Minimal Electronics nearly 5 years in the making. I am truly honored to welcome our long time ally and absolute king of the Italian cold world Mr. Alessandro Adriani from Mannequin Records, Rome as well this evening who will be joining Frankie T. and yours Very Rarely to spin the entire history of Italian synth/wave new and old!

In other news of the WIERD tomorrow evening the WIERD world will be rollin into town to take over Art Basel Miami in conjunction with Miguel Abreu and Adrew Kreps Galleries/NYC, Galerie Daniel Bucholz, Cologne, Sutton Lane Paris/London, and Rental Gallery/Los Angeles as we present the second ever installment of 'The Pleasures of Xanten' - a true all star cast onstage together for an intense minimal electronic pleasurefete of cold wave theatre at the Living Room in downtown South Beach. Expect a greatest hits of WIERD minimal synth of sorts including live performances by Xeno & Oaklander, Martial Canterel, Epee du Bois, Opus Finis, and Staccato du Mal...as well as all kinds of far beyond VR colaborations from the likes of Three to Forgotten, Xeno & Staccato, Henry Zoe and The Siamese Pearl vs. Martial Canterel...how could you all simply not bear to rush out and book yr flights right dees moment! :))) More info and details are up on Wierd central here (scroll to 11/24).

Also for our Southern European VRiends the les demoiselles froides are flying overseas today as Blacklist will be headlining the 'Super Bock Em Stock' festival in Lisbon Portugal this weekend, see you all this evening in the fog and the echoezzz:

Pieter, Frankie, and Alessandro Adriani(Mannequin Records, Rome) Spin DANZA MECCANICA! Wednesday, December 2nd, 10pm-4am
(VR Live performance by The Living Days at midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC