WIERD Presents the Live Debut of N. Antolik at Midnight!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

So from the many elusive whispers in the Polskie shadows I overheard at last night's M. Canterel show in which the heating system most appropriately shut off entirely half way through the lovely evening's festivities, it seems that many of you are extremely excited about this week's live performance to say the least, and quite rightly so, as WIERD is proud to welcome the live debut of N. ANTOLIK for a demonstration of Minimal Electronic Music at Midnight!!! You've seen our elegantly mannered young friend seemingly gliding through the WIERD World week after week, constantly and quietly internally challenging his absolutely limitless encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of 20th century typography, but little did many of you know all the while his VRexcellency(who has just informed the WIERD in an as always most grammatically correct email he will heretofore be known simply as 'N.'...VR) has secretly been crafting and rehearsing a set of rigorously restrained minimal compositions on his very carefuly chosen, stripped down schema of analogue electronic machines. And as the fonts rumors have it he quite enjoys carefully 'considering' oft come from a certain (dare I say) 'Germanic' lineage, so would I argue do his songs, making his sound quite unlike any of the other new NYC groups we've presented of late...needless to say come on in this week to see if the frozen cold Valkyries of the WIERD world determine if N. has indeed chosen the most appropriately 'moderne schriften' for the design of the evening's Very Rare pleasures...undeniably in store for us all!...VR.

Pieter, Anarexia and Pre-Op Trans Spin Certain Tendencies in Modern German Typography!
(Very Rare Live Performance by N Antolik at Midnight!!!)
Wednesday, January 28th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy, NYC