WIERD Presents a Very Rare Evening with THE HUNT!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Hello oh curious young people of the cold WIERD world, the week has held an organizational plethora of forthcoming radically exciting musical adventures that lie ahead for us all on the fall tour and live schedule - the weekly party line-up below is nearly complete stay tuned. So for now I'm going to hold off on any up and coming VR announcements until next week in favor of stressing the importance to myself and hopefully to everyone of the live performance at this weeks party...

It is with this preface that I am honored to welcome the return of THE HUNT to the Wierd Party for a live performance at midnight! For anyone not here in NYC or the like, WIERD simply would not exist and have continued to run smoothly and as consistently as it has week in and out without our beyond beloved, and eminently handsome and restrained young barmen Jasper and Mike who week after week keep this fragile little ship afloat - all the phonecalls, cops, fights, hospitalizations, duct tape, lightbulbs, fog juice, adaptors...and above all...PLEASURE...and this week WIERD truly will be in their honor so you best all fucking give it up where it is due kiddies, these young gentlemen are takin the week off from workin and handing the flow of the frozen coldies behind the bunker to your fave ladies of the WIERD night Ms.'s Alisha and Brit, so come on in to pay tribute to the true kings of the Cold Wave New York world in yours Very Rarely's book...

So...this Wednesday THE HUNT BEGINS! And as a few of you have heard - its truly a new beginning and an entirely new sound for the first time ever on Wednesday for the band, as this show will be the band's first escape into the minimal electronic kingdom, yes its true his VRexcellency the Count Christian has secretly been stockpiling Very Rare analogue electronics for quite some time and this week we're gonna hear the new sounds as the Count swaps out his guitar for a synth, and the amazing Frankie Teardrop joins up with the band on the second set of keys! This ones gonna be an absolute VRager! See you all up on the wild Wednesday misty mountain high...

Pieter, Caleb(Sacred Bones Records/NYC) and The Hunt Spin the WIERD!

Wednesday September 16th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by The Hunt at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC