WIERD Presents a Very Rare Evening with LED ER EST!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Before the details on what is certain to be an absolute mindfreezer of a party this week, a few things:
The video for the single 'Flight of the Demoiselles' from Blacklist's 'Midnight of the Century' is now uploaded on the Wierd Records Youtube channel!:

For all our countless allies in Deutschland, you'll all finally be able to see the band live as Blacklist makes their European debut this coming Friday evening at Kato in Berlin, to be followed by a second concert the following evening at the Judgement day Festival in Austria, details below. Also I wanted to announce as a Pre-Party celebration of sorts, none other than the Vague Froide king of the Wierd World Francaise and our old friend and hero DJ Gilles Le Guen will be joining Glenn from Blacklist to Spin the official DECADANSE REUNION PARTY on Thurday evening at Madame Claude in Berlin, just down the street from Kato. As many of you remember well, Gilles and Glenn began the legendary Decadanse party back in 2001, out of which nearly two years later WIERD was born. Gilles and Glenn will be spinning all the trax from the party's original playlists circa 2001-3, should be a lovely froide-friendly evening!:

Thursday October 1st:
DJ Gilles Le Guen Presents The Decadanse Reunion Party!
Madame Claude
Lubbener str. 19 str. 19
10997 Berlin, Germany
DJs: Gilles Le Guen, Glenn Maryansky(Blacklist/the DJ formerly known as ' 3:1:G'...VR)
Doors 10pm, FREE

Friday October 2nd:
Blacklist, Tobias Bernstrup, and Monozid
@ Kato, Im U-Bhf. Tor. Berlin
DJs Ian P. Christ (Remembrance Daze), NecroPhil (Remembrance Daze), Thomas Thyssen (Pagan Love Songs)


Saturday October 3rd:
Blacklist, Nichts, Twisted Nerve and Grooving in Green
The 2009 Judgement Day Festival @ Spielboden
Farbergasse 15 Rhombergs Fabrik, Dornbirn, Austria


Secondly in anticipation of the Wierd Records new releases to com in November, the 'Wierd Compilation II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008' is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD for 1 month only over at our the our VRiend Jonathan Canady of Angel of Decay/Sexual Assault Rifle's great blog 'Colors of the Dark'! Please pay the mysterious Mr. Malsonus a visit and enjoy the cold Wierd sounds sans VRl'argent...:

The first 2 track digital single 'Saracen' b/w 'The Shot, The Fall' off of Xeno & Oaklander's forthcoming masterpiece of an LP/CD entitled 'Sentinelle' will be available from Other Music for FREE DOWNLOAD beginning this Sunday evening Oct. 4th for one week only! The single will go live on Itunes and all your other fave media outlets beginning on Oct. 15th, so get it here first. If you are not already on the weekly update list from OM, visit them asap!:

A few new live videos from the party have been loaded onto the Wierd Records Youtube channel:
Light Asylum 'Dark Allies' Live at Wierd 9.9.09(courtesy Jimi Patterson)
Mazing Vids 'Grease Elective' Live at Wierd 9.23.09(courtesy Jordan Levine):
Martial Canterel 'Three Days' Live at Wierd(courtesy Jordan Levine):

New live photos are up courtesy of Jordan and Mary Cassidy:
Mazing Vids Live 9.23.09:
The Hunt Live 9.16.09

Lastly Martial Canterel will be performing as part of the incredible line-up at the Northeast Noise and Power Electronics Festival in Boston on Sunday evening November 8th! Truly one of the most impressive line-ups of industrial/noise bands ever featuring the likes of Consumer Electronics, Bloodyminded, Pharmakon, Halflings, Peter Sotos, Stromlec, etc. etc.

This week the WIERD weekly Party welcomes the return of LED ER EST for a live performance at midnight! You might notice a well-deserved dark synth icicular lightning in the LED lights this week for as of this past week the band's long-awaited debut LP entitled 'Dust On Common' is officially complete and will be available in late November from WIERD! In addition for the next two weeks in a Very Rare party residency of sorts we welcome our beyond beloved long-time ally and the true king of minimal elctronics in Germany Michael Wehmeier aka DJ Plastikmann from the Neon Welt Festival and weekly radio program in Bochum Germany! Beginning in the dark days of 2003 The Neon Welt has been running as long as Wierd and remains the absolute epicenter of the spirit of minimal electronic music the world over, and Michael was the first Eurpoean promoter to bring Wierd as a label to Europe back in 2006, and again in 2007. As if that wasn't enough we also welcome the return of her always lovely VRighness of the Bay area night Miz Margo of the Dark Sparkle and Suspiria parties to join Michael on the wheels of the Wierd!

Pieter, Miz Margo, and Plastikmann Spin the Wierd World!
Wednesday, September 30th, 10pm-4am!
(Very Rare Live Performance by Led Er Est at midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC