WIERD Presents a very rare live performance by FURTHER REDUCTIONS!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Tonite WIERD welcomes back Further Reductions to the weekly party for a live performance at midnite! This occasion will be especially excellent as it will be a record release party for Katie and Shawn's vinyl debut for their new 7" single which will be available at the show, grab one while they're still cold... http://www.myspace.com/furtherreductions

P.S.: This week's WIERD is dedicated to all our devoted and beloved regulars at the weekly party whose initials are P.S. apart from myself, there are 3 of you, and you are Very Rare. As I was telling one of the other post-scVRiptums of said forthcoming deadication she replied to the WIERD, " Gee P.S., thats so unselfish of you not to include yourself whats up with that ha yr crazy lol?!". Needless to say the reason is that anyone with the initials P.S. is alphabetically destined to suffer a certain degree of neglect as a kid as a result of literally being cast out of every letter...year after year, finding inclusion consistently only ever as an tiny abject footnote or afterthought, always overlooked and forever forgotten a la 'Oh no P.S.: I forgot you again P.S...omg so sorry ha!'.

So with this excellent 'Gee P.S.' exchange in mind I'm crusing around in the Wierdmobile over the frozen, icy tundra of northern New Hampshire last week and I reach for my new mobile GPS switch. Like everyone, each time I touch my little 'gee P.S.' my mind re-lives the above trauma and then instinctively ponders the ever-fascinating question of 'Hmm why exactly is IT that in the last 40 years British pop music has been such an explosively imaginative, wildly energetic world, while the same country's visual art culture has been quite differently affected?'. As the WIERD has expounded before, the answer is that the old frozen ghost of the caste system has forever made class-traversal the ultimate British fantasy, and a fantasy who's ticket to ride is indeed affectation itself and the Brits are ITs masters. Affectation requires time to function, thus its creative potential is most productively realized and flourishes in the temporal worlds of music, film, theatre etc., but in the ever-resistant mediums of the still image IT falls flat, doomed to a simply spectacular sign of banal artifice.

The WIERD mobile is a slighty dirty and bruised gray 1998 Toyota Camry, perhaps the most radically average, middle of the road(in more ways than one I suppose VR...) rather dull and slightly unattractive lower middle class Asian pre-teen ever. The great thing about mobile GPS is that it allows anyone to live this same glamourous fantasy each time you switch the 'language' button - British, French, Japanese etc. - your car can be whomever IT likes - vacationing aristo, naughty little geisha, etc.you name IT, and it is most rigorously employed when used in one's mobile(the one with wheels not google that is) itself precisely because it provides a perfect model of entering your own brain as you affect yourself in the moment - you look out of the foggy windshieldy eyez on the big cold landscape beyond, the wipers swish as your mascara-encrusted lashes blink over the snowy world, and with the flick of a switch - 'click***U.K.' - your life soars between classes, cultures, countries. Perhaps this was what it was like to be inside the mind of a little charmingly nervous Japanese 12 year old in the crowd to see Simon Le Bon up on stage in Tokyo in '83, the east London worker turned gliteratti-ensparkled yachtsman and international playboy gracing the GPS-ensconced stage...She beams up in wonder 'what if...oh so dreamy' all starry-eyed...and then she goes for IT --- with the flick of a switch***U.K.!*** this little dejected suburban, emotionally gray loner bursts onto the stage with a hot bolt of dry ice and strobe-injected lightning! This tiny Toyota's now a fiercely hot, mannered and refined limited ed. ruby red Aston Martin dbs Volante, ready for pleasure, the center of attention and never to be footnotingly forgotten again, shes got cruise control, posh velvet seats, a wooden gearbox, you name IT!...this is the end of P.S as we know it...Gee...thats all she wrote, she might only be 12 but shes 'Hungry like the Wolf!'...VR.

P. P. S.: Oh sorry I forgot to remember to ask: can any of you explain why in the original wave of non-mobile GPS systems built directly into cars the British accent was clearly middle class, but when GPS's went mobile(now running off the frozen hot eminently virile energy injection felt in penetrating the cigarette lighter's ungoogled orifice) the British accent was clearly, and now unanimously shifted to an aristoVRatic accent...ugh man so fukin complicated. Forget I mentioned IT, though seeing as this is a P.S. you already did lol. :)

Pre-Op Trans, Niteline, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the Cold World of the Forgotten Post-Scriptum!
Wednesday December 8th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare ive Performance by Further Reductions at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy