WIERD Presents a very rare live performance by VOID VISION!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Tonite WIERD Records presents the always wildly pleasure-seeker infected Holy Daze Party! For this excellent occasion we're honored to welcome the long-overdue return of Philadelphia's own VOID VISION for a live performance at midnite. This will be our beloved Shari Very Rare-y's first live performance in NYC in nearly a year since the release of VV's killer debut 7" last spring on Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth's Blind Prophet Records, so come on down and feel the frozen cold Visionary pleasures of the Void that is your little abstract life in 2010!

So I wanted to leave you all with the WIERD's latest inadvertently apocryphal will and testament:

The True Reason that Christmas has Nothing to do With X-Mas, and Why iX-Mas! is the Preeminent Mode of Expression of the Very Rare Pleasures of the Contemporary World(No strings ***attached***)

I began working on this my latest manifesto a few days ago and I realized this is a far bigger beast than I ever imagined, and absolutely I must continue working until all of its concepts are rightly articulated and fleshed out(or ***IN*** in this case....VR) which will hopefully be next week, which is looking to indeed be the most epic WIERD email ever, stay VRuned...I want to warn you all it most likely will only be published in Spanish so get your sticky little naughty knuckles primed for blasting the dirty little buttons on yr shitty little google translation program...click...

Also this is very important listen up: I won't be sending the Spanish version of next week's email to any of the 75-80 of you in Spain in THE BODY of the email, but rather only as a ***Failed*** attachment. When you receive the little red jolly holy daze-fueled 'X' please reply: 'Nothing in the body' in the subject's head(er) and I will re-send IT. Again IT will fail...

For the truly Very Rare few of you who reach this level 3 of theE-Mail Trinity up on the blistery cold rocky mountain, as you beam up at the brutally black mess of amazing rotting, dripping invisible death on the tiny bloody, digitally red glowing dematerialized cross, multiply penetrated and splayed bare to the abstract world...reply one more time...let the WIERD World know theres nothing ***attached*** and you understand - In the subject header this last time please reply:


Merry X Mas from WIERD Records...Let us Prey...Tonite...No strings NONE. VR.

Katie Rose, Shawn NoEQ, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the Cross with no Christ
Wednesday December 15th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy