WIERD Presents a very rare live performance by EPEE DU BOIS!

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Tonite WIERD is inordinately pleased to welcome back our long-time co-conspirator and hero M. Epee du Bois for a radically rigorous live demonstration of modern minimal electronic music at midnite. This will be the last official WIERD Party of 2010, and what an excellent year it was indeed - 87 concerts and events this year, my goodness Very Rare for sure!

As always at the end of each season the WIERD would like to take this VRopprortunity to thank everyone for your ever gracious and extraordinarily generous help in keeping this tiny fragile balancing act of a world afloat, theres too many of you to name but apart from the 43 bands we had this past year, countless DJs et al that graced the WIERD stage in 2010, special thanks go out to HSH owners Kristen and Nadia, our lighting designer Sam Aronoff of Head Trip Conception, WIERD's in house incredibly sound man the ever-lovely Ms. Hillary Johnson, our fierce gatekeepers Ms. Kristen Korvette and the artist (formerly known as Georgette) - our Lady in forever-froidetastic darkness Ms. Pre-Op Trans, Big Bad Joe the master of WIERD's plucked and lubed orificial entryway of pleasure, our always dreamily handsome bar men Jasper and Mike, and of course Frankie Teardrop - who perhaps little beknownst to many of you pretty much single-handedly keeps this old swaggering bitch duct-taped, download-linked, MP3 clipped and cut n pasted together - and alive(barely...as of late FYI everyone knows 20 is the new 40? right mmm-hmmmm...VR) in the contemporary abstract world, week in and out.

One last thing spethificallyque for you 60-70 Frenchies out there on the WIERD E-mail list: Without fail every fuking time M. du Bois performs I get sadistically bombed by all of you correcting my Franco-grammarial imperfections inherent within Epee's DU nomenclature...so just a quick refresher course of explanation --- As you all know le Théâtre de de l'Épée de Bois is a famously dignified experimental theatre in Paris long-oft frequented by his VRajesty the young conceptualist and international playboy extraordinaire M. Cheyney Thompson on his occasional dérives through the city à bicyclette in search of discursive inspiration...on the second of said soujourns circa late-90s CT was so taken by the space of the place he realized he simply must one day become the theater himself, abstractly allegorized as a one man minimal electronic machine of the cold drama analogue-fantastique...Very Rare for sure. Anyway rumour has IT that upon returning to New York a week later Mr. Thompson took the ultimate plunge into the abstract world once and for all - he got his first e-male account...and as with everyone when he gender-dysphorically, hedonistically transformed himself, he took the E into his evacuated corpus and was never the same, and as always became the U...all of you...Du(h) right?...none of us ever saw him (grammatically at least that is) the same ever again, he dissappeared into the E-ther...beware of the web it'll suck you into ITs sticky little fingers from behind and have ITs way with you, and you'll love every masculin-dissolving minute...take it like the man you never were girlfriends...yethhh!!!...VRp.

Josh Cheon(Dark Entries Records, San Francisco), ANAREXIA!, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the last WIERD Nite of 2010!!!
Wednesday December 29th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Epee duh Bois at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC