WIERD Presents a Very Rare live performance by MARTIAL CANTEREL!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

This week's WIERD is dedicated to everyone who has experienced the mild anxiety triggered by the Very Rare realization that sending someone a 'PM' before noon is quite literally giving the unsolicited gift or time travel...don't panic..deeeep breath, I'm pretty confident the world is still there outside this sad little glowing box, but let me go check just a moment please... ...actually...sorry to say but I'm afraid that as I gaze out this fragile, frigid, frozen cold window...

...That at long last the man who started it all back in the dark days of 2001 MARTIAL CANTEREL is back tonite for a live performance of pure, unadulterated minimal electronic music at midnight!!! This will be Sean's first live show in the WIERD World proper since last summer, and seeing as the VRicked winds should be whippin up quite the Vague Froide Moderne Blizzard this evening, tonite's performance will certainly be much colder than the last! Sean will be playing a whole new set of trax from his first new LP in over 3 years coming later this year from the WIERD, and from the incredible demos I've hear this ones destined to quite the 'Opus'. Arrive early to catch a glimpse of the master craftsman at work in true 'Windscreen Time'...VR.

In other news of the WIERD, at long last I would like to proudly proclaim that last week WIERD achieved one of the keystone moments of what my too-many-years-of-club-crawling-to-admit-to has demonstrated to be true 'achievement in the genre': someone left their shoes at the club...yes its true, thank you very much(...I'd like to first thank my parents...love you guys and...) And let me assure you kiddies, it was 8 degrees out, and these are certainly NOT the fierce 5 inch heels of a bitchy queen who predictably(albeit charmingly) stormed out in a tragically unnoticed VRamatic fluster after googling his lesbian lover in the powder room, or a lovely young debutante type who forgot her dispensable little post-happy hour shopping from Jeffrey, these shoes are so frighteningly practical they could only belong to what one might refer to as the 'post-everything/20-nothing male hetero-American'...this WIERD's for you Bro high-five!, long live the dissappearing 'New Balance' anchoring your wierd world, guess it didn't quite work out thank god, send me a 'PM' tomorrow AM and we'll get VR together in the frozen cold future to exchange eyelashes! :)))xoVRp.

And speaking of time zone traversing, I just wanted to remind everyone as I do 4 times a year with each grand slam event, the Australian open is now down to the round of 16, so please expect 2-3 business day delays on all mail order enquiries.

The WIERD webshop is open at last! All shopping carts equipped w high-end fog machines and a full array of single malts of course. New distro releases will gradually be added by bands that have played the party or appeared on the compilations, new killers from Tobias Bernstrup, Frank Alpine, Led Er Est, and the new Opus Finis/Newclear Waves split 7" are in stock now.

The Xeno & Oaklander official website is now 'alive' online:

The new X&O studio video for the track 'Rendez-Vous d'Or' off of the 'Sentinelle' LP is complete!:

The new feature on WIERD in the February issue of Dazed and Confused Magazine is on newstands now. In the common case you simply cannot bear physical objects anymore, you can read it here on the website(Jan. 22nd)

A feature on the label as well as the forthcoming 'WIERD Presents: Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics' 2xLP/CD Compilation on Angular Records is now up at Dummy Magazine/UK:

Another nice feature from Dan at the always excellent '20 Jazz Funk Greats' site in Brighton/UK:

Lastly for everyone who ordered the incredible 'Danza Meccanica' compilation from Alessandro of Mannequin Records in Rome when he was here to spin the party a few weeks back, I have your copies, so send me an AM tomorrow night and we'll go back in time to Milano 1980 together, and while you're at it email Ale asap and demand he press another edition of this beautifully designed masterpiece chronicling the seminal years of cold wave and minimal synth music in Italy, truly an fantastic record and long lost world that needs to be heard anew in 2010.

Pieter, Jordan and ANAREXIA! Spin the Explosive Arrival of Windscreen Time!
Wednesday January 27th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by MARTIAL CANTEREL at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey
Info: (212)226-5708