WIERD Presents a Very Rare live performance by TENSE!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Well it was only a matter of time til the frail gods of minimal electronics took a lovely little tea break to make way for the return of the repressed - and the wild WIERD winds of the sounds of EBM's past reared their virile heads and came back to VRome Sweet Home...and indeed tonite we're inordinately pleased to finally welcome the weekly party debut of TENSE from the dusty cold plains of Houston, Texas for a live performance of heat seeking Electronic Body Music at midnight! Many of you saw Mariana tear the place up with her minimal synth project Medio Mutante last month, so won't you all please join us this evening to have a naughty little look at the dark and dirty flipside of the same Wax Trax-encrusted coin as she is joined on stage by bandmates Robert and Jake Shrock to bring the nastily fierce testerone fueled leather-manly pleasures! Tense's debut on Disaro Records will be available at the show, and please visit their site to check out the killer new videos. Also joining us tonite will be the ever-lovely long-standing cold queen of New England Jeralyn from Boston and our good friend Justin from the excellent new 'Nachtmusik' Party in San Francisco. Ms. J's 'I'll Wear Any Color As Long as its Black' blog has long been a Wierd in-house fave, please pay her a visit and Justin is in town for the big Veil Veil Vanish show tomorrow night with Revel Hotel at Coco 66...needless to say, tonite's undoubtedly gonna be a fantastically icy mess for the VRecord books...Come on in and take it all in-TENSE like the hungry young man you always wished you were yeahhhhh!

And if that weren't enough...please arrive early tonite as filmmakers Jeff Elstone and Jonathan Nanberg will be debuting the two new BLACKLIST music videos for 'Shock in the Hotel Falcon' and 'The Believer' at 11:30pm sharp! This will be the premier of 'Shock', and only because it premiered earlier this week on AOL's Spinner site here is 'The Believer' for your afternoon's deserved cubicular escape :) http://www.spinner.com/2010/06/10/blacklist-the-believer-video?icid=sphere_searchsphere_web

A few exciting shows coming up next month to announce - I'm happy to say Automelodi will be coming to town for their long-awaited debut self-titled LP record release party at WIERD Wednesday July 21st! To maximize the Very Rarity of the Franco-Froidetastic takeover week we'll also be doing a new installment of the 'WIERD Presents:' Live series that following weekend in BK, more details on this one soon. Also just announced on Friday July 2nd Xeno & Oaklander will play the Highline Ballroom with Glass Candy, tix just went on sale for this show here: http://www.highlineballroom.com/bio.php?id=1523

A new 4 page feature on the WIERD is out in the latest issue of D-Side Magazine from France and we now have it up in its entirety on the website below (June 1st).

Pieter, Veryrarealyn, and Justin Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday June 16th, 10pm-4am
(VR Live Performance by TENSE at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St.at Delancy, NYC