WIERD Presents a Very Rare performance by SPHINX

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

This week's WIERD is dedicated to everyone who ever got at me but had no idea where I was. VR.

That being said, I'm just sayin. That's what he said. LOL. The question remains: will you know where you are tonite when we are all Alone Together in the WIERD? (ooh hey did you click IT?...you should know better by now darling, the IT will forever be above all the thing-which-cannot-be-clicked, aka 'das clicken an sich' perhaps noumenally nomenclatura-d...though not to be confused with the lovely vegan chicken sandwitch I just got at for lunch she was a spicy little number mmm hmm. However, do VRoogle the A.T. above, it's a rather intriguing read if I don't say so myself. The problem still remains though, where the fuck am I? Hmm.) Certain apocryphal figures in the army of Shady Ladies that is the WIERD World have long postulated the WIERD is Very Rare, thereby I suppose the confusion regarding IT's Veryrareabouts, and thus the logickal simplicity one has in getting at IT without being with IT...in other words just do IT...'Like', click...ahhh. Hey where are you? :)))

Ok lemme try this again. For those of you courageous enough to alllow your eminently downcast, clicktasticly updated eyez to look up in empathic anger this evening, I assure you you'll be incredibly thankful you did as WIERD is proud to finally welcome the weekly party debut of SPHINX for a spooktacular live performance at midnight! The young and slithery Mr. Neon and his fantastic bombastic, glamplastic goth-n-roll-spastic band of pleasure-seeking maniacs feels like quite the breathe of fresh hair on the contemporary musical landscape, literally that is in this case - nothin like a hot and dirty blast of year-old Aquanet Superhold in the face to wake up the anally logged-in Whoawhatsthatknobdodudewave thats infesting the NYC musical landscape like a dreaded case of MALware sans mall...the cold gods know I honestly miss the mall lately skate and destroy, alas. Anyway, ribbed for her pleasure virus protection or not, for those of you who long for the hedonistic intensity of late 80s L.A. deathrock shot through with the fabulicious, otherworldly wonders of early 70s Spiders From Mars London, tonite's your night, so while yr at the mall hit the travelmart and get your ticket to VRide, tonite we're goin to Giza...just remember the riddle kiddies, you've only got one chance, get IT wrong and the SPHINX will devour you alive, best get IT right, and get at the WIERD tonite!
Click for Video

Lastly for anyone left standing lookin for trouble this fri. make sure and hit up the Black Tape For a Blue Girl / Revel Hotel / Void Vision show at The Studio at Webster early, and the Frank(just Frank) / Bootblacks / Hot Guts gig latenite style with DJs Nikki Sneakers and VRp at Master Castillo's Icy kingdom of darkness aka St. Vitus in Greenpoint, should be an excellent evening for sure. Happy HalloWIERD:

Mark Splatter and Frankie Teardrop Spin the Frozen Hot Riddle of the WIERD!
Wednesday October 26th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Live Performances by SPHINX at Midnight!)
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC