WIERD Presents a Very Rare performance by BLACK MARBLE!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

For everyone who ever answered 'Corduroy' to the 'What's your favorite color?' question required eVRytime you forget all your incessantly-required passwords online for yout ticket to ride the abstract world, this WIERD's for you. I feel its now safe to say we can officially confirm your long-postulated, cryptically encroaching suspicion that Helen Keller was indeed the seminal pioneer in the digital ethos. Man, believe me I feel you...but then again what else am I gonna do?...Wait, hey is that you??? Ooh...VR.

Tonite WIERD proudly welcomes the weekly party debut of BLACK MARBLE for a live performance at midnight! Mr. Ty Kube and co. are one of the latest and best additions to the BK synthwave lexicon and have a few new triumphantly bleak, tear-jerkingly sensitized, excellent new trax floating around out there online in the slippery aether that are undeniably infectious. Just in time for the autumnal air that's upon us at last, recent and forthcoming releases by the likes of Tropic of Cancer, Plastic Flowers and HTRK suggest indeed that the cold guitar wave has been reenergized and is refroidifying ITself to slide back out on the frosty black ice and shimmer alive with pleasure once again. "Pretender", "MSQ No Extra", and "Backwards" are amongst the closest things I've heard to invoking the ultra-private, handmade and barely-held-together lo-fi intensity and spirit in the likes of legendary greats Péché Mortel, Quantom 1+3, and Nagamatzu...as always the WIERD is inordinately unhelpful in giving you an idea what to expect this evening (yeah right...'click'..."hey wow jeez thats some pretty 'good stuff', awsum.", VR.) See you all in the WIERD World, Veryrarealyn and Our Lovely Lady in Sneakers sans Sneakers are in the house to look down upon you from on VRigh behind the wheel, dress to repress, should be another lovely mess.

And as a final VReminder of sorts this sat. night November 5th Brooklyn Vegan and WIERD will be presenting the NYC debut of Anatomy of Habit from Chicago on an ultra hot and heavy bill with Vaura and RØSENKØPF at St. Vitus thats undeniably in the running for show of the year! Along with the likes of the mindmelting gigs we've hosted in the past year by Locrian and Mirrorgate there's an explosive new world being born amidst this amazing trio or groups that each effortlessly traverse the soon-to-be-destabilized genres of doom, post-punk, and industrial/noise ,and its a solidly blistering force to contend with. So please everyone come on out, I assure you this will be a show to remember for a long time! Pay a visit to the BV link below and get a habit for yourself, as you sit back to enjoy the bliss of the darkness tearing you apart.:

NIkki Sneakers, Jeralyn, and Frankie Teardrop Hillary Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday November 2nd, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Very Rare Live Performance by Black Marble at Midnight!)
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC