WIERD Presents a Very Rare performance by DE TROP!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Ok, so the WIERD 'heard' the expression "What happens on the internet stays on the internet" 5 times this week - 3 emails and 2 live human utterances, (VR) - once even from my flirty-fresh UPS male-lady who ordered a CD off the website (yeah that was Wierd for sure, she delivered IT "to herself" and you thought trannies had to dress up right...go priority figure). IT is here to stay apparently - your bitchy little self that babbles all that shit out through yr fingers all day - huh?, never mind her...never met her whateves not my problem. So that being bled, two inches to the left here, IT hurts, and the precious bodily fluids are slowly leakin out into the big other at last, we're all officially multiple - dress to compress, here's a link enjoy the mess. Apart from the obvious fact the shady dealers and glittery pimps in Vegas are shakin and freekin to feel their (your behavior's forever in parentheses in our hood) status is about to be officially one upped and sales soon-to-be down, the WIERD received an invitation to a lovely little biological suicide of our own this week. thought I'd let you guys know that WIERD has been offered to move the party to a (huge) new venue on Second Life, (VR). Perhaps my incessant words on the unknowability of the IT for years are thus under attack here as well...but suppose I'll leave it up to you kiddies, you keep showin up week after week to pay yr grimy little $5 and keep the WIERD World and all the fantastically filthy, far below the gaydar killer bands flowin through the club week after week, and we'll keep the WIERD alive and clicking...but ITs in thee black of my mind and in those deviantly naughty latenight moments of a daze, you can't help but wonder...ITs kinda haht. Ya know what they say once ya go abstract there's no comin back mmm hmm... Who wants to DJ? - Glenn, Frankie, Veryrarealyn darling, had enough of all this VReality nonsense yet??? VR.

Well that was fascinating. Thanks VRp, excessive as whatever...But perhaps nomenclaturally apVRopriate an introduction as tonite WIERD welcomes the weekly party debut of none other than DE TROP for a live performance at midnight!!! De Trop is the new death industrial-injected modular electronics project of WIERD's longtime ally and beloved friend Mr. Ryan Martin who along with the great Gibby Miller runs the venerable DAIS Records label WIERD has long been a fan of, and who we teamed up with on the excellent Psychic TV show this past summer. DT have only played a few gigs in the highly regarded shadowly likes of The Red light District et al, and for this evening's performance they will play a new set of sputteringly pustulating pools of nasty ooze as a 3 piece with vocals, hidden down and dirty in the electricity-fueled Eurorack bunker. I hope everyone can make IT out to close your eys and feel the low end rumbling blast and drone flow over your (body) alive with pleasure.

Next week wed. 11/23 the amazing Mr. Mark Burgess returns to the WIERD world as we present a live performance by ChameleonsVox playing perhaps the most seminal album in post-punk history Script of the Bridge Live in its entirety! For all of you who received an email confirmation since we first announced this event back in August, you are on the list. The reserved tickets for this show are no longer available, but we will have 50-75 more spots open on a first come first served basis beginning at 10:30 pm the night of the show. http://www.chameleonsvox.co.uk/ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=157618354319686

Glenn and Frankie Teardrop Spin Hold onto their First Life by a VR Thread!
Wednesday November 16th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Live Performance by De Trop at Midnight!)
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC