The WIERD Records Holiday Party with FRESHKILLS and WOMAN Live Tonite!!!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Happy Holidays from the WIERD World! Tonite is the last concert of 2011 at the weekly party, and the WIERD would once again like to take this opportunity to thank all my incredibly kind and tireless VR family who keep this world afloat and moving forward year after year. Needless to say there are simply too many of you who offer your time, patience, and unconditional mental energy: Kristen and Nadia from Home Sweet Home, our handsomely unrestrained barmen Jasper, Mike, and Alberto, our lovely, mysterious Shady Lady doorgirls Ms. Pre-Op Trans and Nikki Sneakers, Glenn Veryraryansky for the countless fliers, album covers, inserts and gatefolds he effortlessly dashed off again this year without blinking and 7 second's notice, Mary Zincink and Phil M. for braving the Holland Tunnel and Queensborough bridges respectively each week to photograph all the shows, all our triumphantly irregular Guest DJs Jeralyn, ANAREXIA, Goutroy, Mr. Canterel, and again Glenn who manned or got man-handled in the WIERD cockpit (you don't know who you are and hopefully don't figure IT out any time soon thank god), and most of all my heros Hi-Fi Hillary and Frankie Teardrop who singlehandedly keep the WIERD World alive, you guys are the best...Thank you everyone.

To make absolutely sure we blow the brittle black backdoor off of an excitingly prolific year of vicious vinyl slabs and creepy-crawlingly crazy gigs we're detonating the long-overdue debuts of two heavy spitting, seethingly buttoned up loose canons of pure whisky-ripped dark rock n roll pleasure FRESHKILLS and WOMAN for a double billed live explosion at midnite! Unless you've been checked out the entire past decade with your limp little hand duct taped to your forehead facedown, literalizing America's fastest growing demographic of the wandering body abstracted as a self-lubricating babbling birth defect incarnate, you know that great Zack Lipez has long been hands down one of the most brilliantly multivalent figures on the downtown NYC cultural landscape. Apart from being the longstanding Very Rare mayor of Lorimer Street for nearly three full terms now, with a piercingly acerbic wit on the pen and the mic equally and consistently one of the truly great NYC frontmen we've got no contest - he's always there off in the distance...quietly waiting ever so elegantly and politely the background, cerebrally festering as he prepares his curtly concise fresh kill of an ingenious rebuttle deep down in the horned-rimmed bunker, neurons smirking with sardonically swaggering élan a mile ahead of know how this one ends LOSE LOSE, VR. WOMAN are hands down the hottest Australian post-punk band in New York, an aRhythm and Blueballs inducing wild band of sexually deviant hedonists ready for double donged intensity. Don't believe the recent tabloid hype that they're a secretly bunch of pretentiously plucked and shaved queens glazing away down under their handsomely bespoked suits and smoothly svelt pecs with top shelf Vegemayte in the latenight hours, ITS NOT TRUE...VRumours have IT they only eat french fries, the gays would know better. Not to mention snorting jalapeño-infused kangaroo sweat in the outback shadows...Hmm come to think of it do they even have homosexuality in Australia?, how many Christian boys' skeletons does it really take to make a Woman?, and how is it possible we've had 3 Aussie bands at WIERD in 2011 ahhh!?! VR.

Thanks to the generosity of Zack, Kristian, Skeletonboy and the rest of the artists taking the stage tonite, all the proceeds from this evening's concert will go to benefit our beloved friend Jonathan Toubin. Until this evening...and see everyone in 2012.


Josh Cheon(Dark Entries Records/SF), Soren Roi(RØSENKØPF), and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday December 21st, 10pm-4am
(Live Performances by Freshkills and Woman at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC