WIERD Presents a very rare performance by BLANK DOGS!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Happy new WIERD eVRyone! The Wierd World rings in the new decade this evening as we welcome the return of Blank Dogs for a live performance at miidnite! Mike, Craig, and Pam will have quite a fantastic background created by the all-San Francisco dynamicly dueling duo of Goutroy vs. Miz Margo, please traverse our icily pleasure-filled golden gate this evening, should be a wild ride for all. http://www.myspace.com/blankdogtime

We're about to unleash a new plethora of releases in the coming months. Martial Canterel's single 'Occupy These Terms' off of his forthcoming new full-length due out Feb. 8th You Today premiered today on Stereogum: http://stereogum.com/610561/martial-canterel-occupy-these-terms-stereogum-premiere/mp3s/

Both Martial Canterel 7"s are now available on the website. In addition to these gems the long awaited new 7" single from Staccato du Mal 'Desespero' off his forthcoming debut LP Sin Destino(release date March 15th), and a re-mastered vinyl LP edition of Xeno & Oaklander's 2006 debut Vigils are also available! The Vigils LP comes with a previously unreleased X&O track entitled 'Ransack', and the digital version of the album out Jan. 11th includes a second bonus track - a live version of 'Blue Flower' recorded live at the Wierd Party at Home Sweet Home in 2008.: http://www.wierdrecords.com/store/index.php?cPath=22

We're slowly updating the news page to include all end of the year lists from the likes of Wire, Stereogum, The Quietus, Self-Titled etc.

In following this, a reminder for all you NYC/BK Frank(just Frank) fans Chris from FjF will be in town next week to debut his new solo outfit Anthem at the weekly party. Chris will be backed by a Wierd in-house all-star band and will indeed drop a few FjF trax for all the Brutally Wave-minded!

For all our Italian Friends a new 10 page feature is out in Blow Up Magazine on newstands now courtesy of our new friend the always VeryRareudite Francesco Spampinato: http://www.blowupmagazine.com/

So the end of a year often causes a bit of reminiscing...as some of you know the WIERD was considering VRinging the weekly party to an end, but what to do when faced with the potentially tautological conundrum of a WIERD-ending's ontological possibility??? Fraught with 20th century Anglo-centric Logically unPositivist delerium the WIERD gathered ITs thoughts: "Hmm OK, the WIERD is Very Rare, this IS its essence...If the WIERD stopped, IT would become what IT already essentially is...Very Rare...so thus logically deduced...IT IS already, and thereby will continue...There is no way to stop the WIERD...Let us play. VR."

So in keeping with an annual tradition - tonite's party is dedicated to everyone with no physical address! In thinking back, some of you may remember that on Wierd's premiere night at Home Sweet Home back in March of 2007 I was stuck in jail as a result of a little pleasure-seeking trouble Josh and I encountered on an excellent adventure to Jersey a few evening's previous. I mention this as the idea of a WIERD ending in this day and age brings up the notion of a deletion, click...party over - and the great thing about going to jail and why I always VRecommend everyone try it is it allows one to experience what the literal deletion of your physical body feels like - an experience which embodies the essence of our age ITself, the body is dying, disssolving slowly at the sadistic fingers of the digital abstraction of the world. It is actually more authentic than death ITself for this reason, as when you die your dead, so your nerves can't feel what said deletion actually feels like...VR.

So I'm hangin out in a cell enjoying a lovely conversation with my new friends Darryl and Willie(who stabbed his wife in the eyesocket high on crack and jumped out of a 4th floor window to land through the windshield of a cop car respectively) and I gotta call someone to tell em how to get the new cadillac of fog machines and disco ball outa my house for the party innaugurally premiering in a few hours. The problem is noone physically lives anywhere anymore cell-wise(in every way) i.e. you don't know anyones cell# to call their body to talk to IT, and when you get arrested they put you in a cell, but take your cell so you can't call anyone...ugh complicated...so much for the body being intact. So the only way to get the WIERD up and running (and hopefully undelete your body to get the fuck out) is to call yourself - your own cell - which Josh happened to have in my case as the cops gave IT to him when they cuffed me. So I called my cell that had been abstracted..."Hey dude wow after al these years I finally get myself on the phone amazing whats up?, damn glad you answered my cell can't wait to put IT back in my body, I got deleted, you get the shit?"..."Ha, yeah man killer night wtf don't worry alls cool, VR starts at 10 Glenn and I are headin over now"..."Ok thanks I should be undeleted by 10:30, I'm in the tombs in Tribeca so gonna be a bit late, will get a cab to HSH asap."

As discussed a few weeks ago in the WIERD's prolegomena to any furthur ¡X-Mas! I VReminded you all that X-Mas was divorced from the notion of Christmas when IT came to connote the expressive reply in frustration for every Spaniard receiving multiple emails with failed attachments - signified by the tiny red X - a la an invisible body of Christ bloody on the dripping red glowing cross. In keeping with this, let us remember UNDELETION is ITself also an essentially Christian notion - the information comes again to judge the quick and the VRead. When your body dies a cold death you can never enjoy the Veryrareulous joys of ¡X-Mas! as well as a few other joys of the earth, but when you go to jail its truly excellent as IT allows you to go behind the digitally red gate of Christ ITself - they throw you in the cell, remove your actual cell, and the cell 'X' door slams shut...you're deleted...nothings attached - you're behind the glowing red screened cross of God, welcome to 2011 buddy, party starts tonite at 10. Blank Dogs are playin, cause the WIERD's all emptied out - Blank forever...the Dog's cells have all been abstracted, deleted and stuck in fukin virus jail where IT belongs, so come on down tonite to rot in the kingdom of the WIERD, and undelete yourself forever yes let us play!!!...VR.

Miz Margo, Goutroy, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the New WIERD World of 2011!
Wednesday January 5th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Blank Dogs at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC