WIERD Presents a very rare non-performance!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

This week's WIERD is dedicated to everyone who has ever requested guest list spots for a free public event. You are Very Rare, and wonderfully contemporary. This phenomena is VRee-eminently enjoyable to explore so come on girlfriends(and I don't mean you girlfriends)...what is IT you reeeeally WANT when you make such an excellent request? And why is IT always so crowded when the WIERD takes off the cover once in a while, and lies there bare on the ice, ready for pleasure, extending a hand, its doors wide open?...lets have a look shall we...and you never new an old textural body could be so naughtily NSFW...ooh yesss indeed. :)))

Some of you have apparently had a bit of time on your hands(an expression which in itself quite nicely em-bodies the perplexing subject at hand) to read these words articulating one of the many not-so-ladies-luncheon-VRiendly subjects the WIERD has spent so much of the past year enjoying - that of determining and XXXploring(with triple 'X's glowing bloody-read and proudly 'attachment-failed' on screen) the specific locus of the physical body of the world right now. It seems however a few of you in doing so, have understood IT to be a Summa Cum Rare-ummm(?) stance that is slightly as you read IT - 'bleak', and as thus one which is of the always-unfortunately-uttered 'Psst!...Apocalyptic' mode. Nothing could be further from the truth, let IT assure you. It is in fact actually more like the ontologically wacky ole 'smack the gopher' game at Coney Island, the tripartite nutshell street game, or the 'Wheres VRaldo' childrens book delights...the lifelong search of negotiating the slippery coordinates of the world to find that amazing, fleshly thing you seek that was once there, and not rare...the IT itself. VR.

I've decided the clearest way to experience the complexities of this investigation is to abstract the band from the body of the club this week - no one is playing LIVE tomorrow, and there is no cover...(in more ways than none, you will soon see). As such this will allegorize the status of body in the world, and in so doing prepare the medium, and set the stage for this demonstration you will come to create and experience. As I have long stated, in the Wierd World today the body exists in 2 predominant 'figurative' registers. The first is that of the body of myself as an emale glowing in your face - I have a Header(the locus of my Subject), a body where you are looking now, and a few attachments - my tired limbs, scarves, clutch bag etc, whatever I show up with stumbling into your lusty little inbox each week to wax inappropriate. The second figurative register is that of the venue, your beloved Home Sweet Home, where you sit now alone to greet me - also a 'body' you all scurry into through the orifictural opening that is Ms. 131 Chrystie herself each wed. night, and in so doing you are the biological life-cells texting and googling yourselves into abstract oblivion at the bar laughing with pleasure week after week, keeping the body functioning and aLIVE...or is IT in tomorrow's case? The 'subject:' in this second figurative register is the live band, who is the lifeforce and voice OF this body. As you all know, being the fiercely prudish young things we are, we always believe that when the body is alive, it MUST remained covered up...no nudies here kiddies uhh-ugh - IT is $5, come and get IT s/hes cheap and hot, and keep your little smooth 1/4 output and USBs and Flacidly unattached and cleanly contemporary and open, ready as ever...mmm hmm.

So, that being said, .5" above these perky little titties of my 4th paragraph - yet below my subject header(which I suppose makes IT here right around my clavicles - both of which I've brutally fractured in the past multiple times, eww) - that I flash you with here to tempt you to attend my little WIERD party tomorrow, now we can finally answer the querry at hand - The hand of today's body thats always a little too far away...yet still reaching out to you. You turn off the box, walk down the street...arriving at the WIERD body of Ms. 131 ITself, and what do you see? Heavens to Chrystie that little tramp's thrown off the cover and is a naked WIERD trainwreck flashing at thee!...oh my shes free!!! You grab her by the hair, slam her down on there, and enter the front door ahh ):(...to despair :(( ...As what do we find?...theres nothing in there...because shes always, and forever...Very Rare.

See you all tomorrow, you're all on the list already apparently, don't mention IT.

Abby, Hayden, and Frankie T. Spin the WIERD Body VRantastique!
Wednesday January 19th 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy