WIERD Presents a very rare performance by MUERAN HUMANOS!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Alright everyone, tonite WIERD is VRinordinately excited to present the US debut performance by MUERAN HUMANOS from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Needless to say this is quite a momentous occasion indeed, as it is the first all-South American band ever to play live at the party, hopefully there will be many more in the near future, and perhaps with the coming of the debut LP from Staccato du Mal due for release on March, the prospect of a movement of South American minimal synth isn't too far away. This evening will be the official record release for MH's debut LP on our long time friend Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth's new Blind Prophet Records imprint, and Sean will be on hand along with the lovely Ms. Minimal Syb as guest DJs. The record will be available at the show, and more info can be found here on the band:

Tonite another old friend of the WIERD's Tamaryn will be in town and tonite is her b-day party so slide on in on the Argentinian ice on in and offer her your WIERDest condolences. Tamaryn and Religious to Damn will play Don Hills tomorrow night, Thurs. 2/17, Ms. T says this will be her last NYC show for the rest of 2011, so as always be VRare: | http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=108147712594649&index=1

And if you still got a hot shard of that gypsy ice in yr blood, or maybe more likely gallon of Tequilla in yr brain after these two VRagers, on Fri. evening Void Vision and Yellow Tears amongst others will play the rather epic-looking Williamsburg Fashion Weekend blowout party at Glasslands with Katie Rose from Further Reductions spinning, my goodness BK's on fire kiddies get some girlie sleep this afternoon... :) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171143662929932

The new Martial Canterel ablum You Today is now available, a few new reviews and interviews are up on the newspage, and we're keeping the MC back catalogue retrospective free dowload link live for a few more weeks so grab it there as well while you can. Also the new 12 page feature from Blow Up Magazine in Italy is now viewable as well in its entirety, enjoy!

This week's WIERD email has been made Very Rare by the abstracting forces of our Mother Host's Nature, and can viewed here:

The WIERD had an excellent past few weeks alive in the freuoidetastic world. In particular, a quite lovely afternoon a couple weeks back is of note. So theres this rather intense not so subtle smell of complete and utter death reaking throught the walls of WIERD centraal coming from my fave grocery deli next door. Despite these occasional said stenches from the basement I love the grocery deli - most of all because its literaly named Grocery Deli, VR...when semiotics breaks down in combination with an equally impotent creative approach to Saudi-architecturo nomenclature I get hot mmm hmmm! And so I head next door to check out the erotic pestilence...

So I'm hangin inside said flacid nomenclatura and who walks in but a monstrous blast from the WIERD's past my old friend Mommie, amazing! Mommie is this big ole Puerto Rican tranny in her 53rd shady-lady year who lived in my buidling and I used to party with in the mid-90s, she'd come over on rainy afternoons and we'd crimp our hair, smoke Capris while sipping lapdance tooshlong tea, and watch Television for Women, it was rare...an important part of our relationship consisted in the fact she liked when I called her Mommie which she requested the day we met, and every time I did she gave me a loosie(we were always both too broke to buy a whole pack and she liked my fire), though I always suspected she loved to give me a loose-he most of all because she got to without fail say - "YESSS you sure are girl, mmm hmm ahaaa! gimmie dat lighta bitch!".

So Mommie's bigger and b-older than ever and lookin wild as all WIERD hot hell, so I VRinvite her in to catch up, we grabbed some china ooohdong(!) tea and scamper into chez WIERD to catch the second set of the 1st Australian Open Semifinal...this was to be the afternoon of...Television for men, Very Rare. Mommie was very happy to learn her fave player Rafa was on, and she suddenly became very emotional during the second changeover when Rafa changed-over his shirt - I was of course excited as again the changeoveron the changeover senmiotickly offed ITself just like Deli Grocery a few moments earlier, but Mommie felt something quite VRarer way downtown...over the next 20 minutes she broke down and confessed to me in the past 14 years since we'd seen each other she'd come to feel her biggest regret in life was not offing herself earlier in life, so she could go out in a big frilly crimptastic blaze of Ophelian glory. Feeling the need to assuage her sassy-mad mind, my inner shrink suddenly got hard..."But Mommie come on think about it, if you were gone before I, your baby, was born I could never have existed and the WIERD World would never have been born, how sad our lives would have been without each other, or ugh, mine literally nonexistant without you my big magical Mommie to make me with your lovely lady maker." "Oh stop big Baby P, I heard yr still alwees talkin bout bein Very Rayuh already, so even if I never borned you what the fuck difference would ita made, you always been pretendin your not here anyway, whateva I nevva got ta have ma goin out big crazy partay shit...ooh look its another changeover mmm...can I have some more tea ma BAAABIE". :) SO we had a lovely afternoon, thankfully she calmed down and bailed before Nadal got his ass kicked, phew that woulda been too much for her.

The bombshell realization though happened to me a game before Mommie left, when I snuck into my office to check my email. Just then, I received a personal-spam email from my web host provider saying "Dear WIERD, we're thrilled to say LOOK WEVE GONE GREEN!"...so I click the link and amazing enough, all they (cynically?) meant is they simply changed the background color on their site to a forest green. This was extraordinarily interesting me me of course - You see Mommie and I made plans to watch all the remaining year's grand slam semifinals together, and this green was identical to the background green of the pro courts on tour, and thus the basis of our new relationship. I realized that the logic of an abstract entity such as a website host entirely divorced from MOTHER nature cynically copping out on the properly diginified notion of Going Green was precisely identical to the fantasy of MY big ole fierce abstract Mother's - killing herself(ooh all fall down italics-disco style yeah..) - and thus copping out on the genesis of the WIERD World. I became a bit teary eyed myself in this fragile Mommie-VRentric tennistitial moment...and there was only one solution...The timing was perfect..."Hey cute BABEE I GOTTA JET lady, seeeyaaa in may for the French Ohhpen!"..."No Mommie wait....I walked out of the office back to the court, picked up my racket, grabbed my balls, and looked my Mommie square in the bent eye... -

"Can you do me a huuuge favor big momma and take out the recycling, puleeeese? Its all paper this week, right there in that blue bag, thanks hun..." She lovingly obliged amen. Ugh what a fukin relief...thank the cold god's on abstract high...everythings cool now...


Sean Ragon, Minimal Syb, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the Frozen Hot Pleasures of Argentinian Electronics!
Wednesday, February 16th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Mueran Humanos at midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy