Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Tonite WIERD will be quite an intensely sensitized World of Very Rare musical brilliance unlike few ever in the party's history. This evening we are proud to welcome FIELDED from Chicago, along with the US debut of KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT from Belgium, all backed by our beloved friend, guest DJ Samhain from Cologne, Germany - aka Mr. Marc Schulte of the legendary long-running Nacht und Sodom compilation series!

Fielded is the solo project of the lovely, elusive chanteuse proper Ms. Lindsay Powell. Combining carefully crafted and manipulated dark ambient electronics with an absolutely soaring voice that summons the canon of scintillating Femme VRatales past such as Vashti Bunyan, Nico, Rose McDowall, and a young Bjork, we've heard the chill-inducing factor of Lindsay's visceral presence has triggered mass icicular-stalactite formations on the bases of entire audience's spinal columns throughout the first leg of her current US tour - get ready to shiver, snap off and be forever cast over the cliff into oblivion. And as if thats not enough - Hailing from Gent, BE the amazing KTAOABC take their ominous moniker from an obscure medieval witch ritual, they're truly one of the most powerful real deal European neo-folk acts out there right now in the classic lineage of the likes of Comus to Angus Maclise to Current 93 to Woven Hands...this ones gonna be a beast!

KTAOABC will be on at midnite, Fielded at 12:30. Please be on time or expect to be on yr knees wipin up your frozen, frigid tears with second-hand tranny sweat, the lovely ladies are waiting for you young man, mmm hmm! See you all in the wonderfully warm WIERD womb tonite!...yessss... http://fielded.bandcamp.com/ www.kattengat.be

Tickets are still available for the 'Haunting the Chapel/WIERD Records Presents:' event this Sunday evening, April 17th at Europa in Greenpoint, BKNY - featuring Locrian, Martial Canterel, Blacklist(1st live show in over a year), and Gnaw. Doors will be at 7:30 for this one! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wierd-Records/479161405622#!/event.php?eid=100723900005044 http://www.europaclub.com/contact.php

Also a fantastic new Xeno & Oaklander feature premiered in the print edition of La Republica's excellent D Magazine, Italy this past Sunday. We have it loaded up online now, please have a look at the beautiful images Miss Liz and Alex Gaidouk have dreamed up: http://www.wierdrecords.com/news/images/XO.pdf

Samhain, Goutroy, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday, April 13th 10pm-4am
(VR Live performances by Fielded and KTAOABC at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie st. at Delancy, NYC