WIERD Presents a Very Rare live performance by LOST TRIBE!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Late last fall a mysterious transluscent purple cassette tape with 'The Dawn' scrawled into its brittle, invisible skin appeared in the WIERD's life courtesy of the always lovely Ms. Gabby E. that immediately found its way apparently permanently lodged in my car stereo where it remained wickedly blistering my mind day after day for months, and stands as one of the most solidly electrifying demos in recent memory. And this week WIERD is proud to welcome the NYC debut of LOST TRIBE from Richmond, Virginia for a live performance at midnite! Shravan and co. take the finest elements of classic Crust, UK positive punk or early Killing Joke and undercut it with a few shots of the live anarchic viscerality of Discharge if the guitars were filtered through the nastily trapped-under-ice claustrophobic FX of the French Cold Wave World...this band fukin rules, come feel em let it rip you'll love it, you'll lose it, and you deserve IT. This evening we're bringin in the extra guitar/wave-heavy artillery as we welcome the debut guest DJ appearance of our beloved, infamous hero Mr. Mike Obrien who will be joining Glenn and Frankie on the raggedly tetanus-infested wheels of the WIERD. This is gonna be a good one, join the Tribe or die!

We announced earlier this week that the Wierd Records, No Fun Productions, Beyond Booking Showcase at The Northside Festival is now confirmed for Thursday June 16th at Public Assembly in BK. Xeno & Oakalnder and Kindest Lines will join the likes of Rene Hell(1st NYC show ever!) as well as our old friend Carlos Giffoni and others for a great evening on 2 stages traversing the infinite spectrum of dark electronics! The BB site has the complete details:

Sooo...in the ever unwillfully contracting 'contemporary' Very Rare lifestyle of the abstract and de-materealised I made a bit of progress in my research into the perplexities inherent in sending physical objects to other humans in a post-physical world. I've always felt a slightly kinky chill every time I send my UPS packages DOWN to the southern states. Theres something inherently perverse about something needing to go down and instead willfully resisting by sending it UPs - perhaps the most satifying aspect being that if IT gets lost only I am to blame, more fuck UPS to add to my lifelong VResume of pleasure, then the southern twang lights UP on the sell foam bitching me out and I get down, its all quite a beautiful dance for the cold mind to engage it. Anyway thats charming enough perhaps, the rarer example though lies as always in the hidden reverse - sending your package UPS to the Northern states to someone who has DOWNS, and amazingly enough despite what you may think this ends in exactly the same result for the opposite reason. You would think your target in the North sent UP via UPS would Get IT because they match both UP, not the case. In this case they get it but they can't get IT, because they can't read whats in the envelop they've been pushed, then again comes the call, and once again I'm down, without the DOWNS, another downer day, from the failure of communique...let us play.

OK, a new day. Needless to say when the legendary pre apocalyptic, post-playgirl luborama bible the UPS calendar came out in the early 90s everyone could now get it UP, VRiguratively speaking. The brown reason to live world of UPS porn was born of the world of package-deliver-slip darkness yesss. I have generally always found it inherently appropriate to push the envelop with the eminently handsome UPS guys for obvious reasons - with all my take-it-like-a-man Intrinsic Phantasies aside, the way I see it: if you deliver a package to me, pushing the generally unwanted envelop into my hands, I'm gonna push it right back girl, mmm hmm. For an NYC VResident, the most erotically charged UPS deliveries come from Ohio - for the precise reason that it is perfecty due west laterally(in other words neither UPs nor DOWNs) - its a fantastically blank slate playing field directionally, and my mind isn't corroded with the looming failure inplicit in the 2 above failed comminuplays from UPs and DOWNs. So I'm expecting a package from this morning from Columbus, test pressings for a new record, perfect test to push back the envelop and deliver a package of my own...abstractly of course.

So I hear the buzzer "UPS, I have a package for WIERD".."Come on down man I'm on the phone in the back"...Big hunky Dan barrels down the front corridor to the back of my place, in all his boxily starched-out tight brown surfer shorts glory...I quickly snatch up and tie off the kitchen trash that desperately needs to be delivered down the hallway to the outside world and I prepare to push the envelop and receiprocate the package delivery - making an exact abstract mirror on the mise-en-scène, sell foam sandwiched and pustulating between my ear and shoulder as I feign conversation and VReady myself..."Sign right here sir"..."Here you go man, hey do me a favor and take this out to the street on your way out, cool thanks" as I hand him the trash...envelop pushed - up into his hands and hes pissed, but I'm not gonna let him get me DOWN..."Uh, sorry sir I'm the UPS guys not the garbage man"..."Hey man can't you see I'm on the phone I can't do IT, take IT out!"..."I don't understand, I'm not yr roomate sir"..."Well you might not understand, but you GOT IT there in your hand, don't fuck with me like Jack in Louisiana or Harold in New Hampshire - you got it now understand what I need, you're UPS so take it DOWN the hall for me, its only fair, I took your package and we didn't even get naked. Done. Goodbye!" Amazingly Dan sheepishly shrugged and walked out with my trash. Huge relief, abstract symetiry in composition achieved. And finally a long-overdue relief UP from a true DOWNer of a week, long live Ohio, Columbus has sailed again. VR.

Mad Mike Obrien, Glenn's Blacklisted Youth, and Frankie Tearitup Spin the WIERD
Wednesday, March 18th 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Lost Tribe at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC