WIERD Presents a live performance by DAILY LIFE!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Tonite WIERD is proud to present Daily Life Live.

As an experience in and of the world in 2011, needless to say - this is Very Rare. As time marches on the cold power of the rusty iron curtain of mediation between humans and daily lived experience intensifies, and as thus seeing and hearing the sounds of Daily Life live in the flesh is becoming more and more difficult. Performances by the band are quite an event we've heard from our heros deep down in the lavishly fertile musical bunker of The Red Light District out in Far Rockaway that hosted the band's last show a few months ago. Following the frighteningly facemelting performance by Humanbeast in the WIERD this past March, and along with the likes of Work/Death, Lazy Magnet, Superior Human Vomit, Russian Tsarlag and the great Mark Lord, the Providence scene is clearly back in action. And this evening the WIERD World is pleased smash the wall of contemporary abstract sadness with analogically heat-seeking pleasure as we welcome Christopher(aka Mark Lord/ex-Kites) and the lovely Sakiko to allow you to experience of Daily Life Live at midnite! The band's most recent full-length album Necessary and Pathetic is highly recommended, a free D/L of DL is available below from the Load Records site...so go down the sweet nectar of the volcanic inverse-eruption of a boilingly hot load(pardon me - figuratively speaking of course darling...though...I guess in this case the figurative IS the literal...oooh how VRexxxy is that eh?) that is Daily Life live and unmediated, or else die alone in 'once-VRemoved' silence...while we all get DL without the D/L all wild and alive in maximal VRelectronic bliss tonite! http://www.loadrecords.com/bands/dailylife.html

As many of you know next week June 1st we're excited to present the first NYC live performance by Frank(just Frank) in over 2 years! Anthem has recently relocated from Paris to Brooklyn and the band is back in action, not to be missed. FjF will be joined by the No Love Lost DJs Sean and Denman who are holding down the frozen hot cold scene in DC via their great NLL monthly party and Sean's label Fan Death Records.

The first video for the single 'Destructive Paths to Live Happily' from Kindest Lines from New Orleans premiered this past week on Stereogum. The band's debut album Covered in Dust is due out June 15th, and they will be in NYC for 2 shows live in the WIERD for the release party on 6/15 and the following night at the WIERD/No Fun/Beyond Booking Showcase at Public Assembly as a part of the Northside Festival.

Omar Perez(Nachtmusic/Popscene, San Francisco), Anarexia, and Hillary Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday May 25th 10pm-4am
(Live Performance by Daily Life at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC