WIERD Presents DANGEROUS BOYS CLUB live at midnight!!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

This week WIERD proudly presents the NYC debut of the fantastically loose, psycho-sexual tornado of nastily lysergic pleasure that is Dangerous Boys Club from Portland, OR for a live performance at midnite! From his early hardcore roots in such venerable groups as Heroin and the legendary Antioch Arrow in the the early '90s up to more recent groups such as Magick Daggers and DBC, the great Aaron Montaigne has long been a darkly splendid, consistently solid left coast musical force. The band's 1st full-length Vril from last year on the Fast Weapons imprint was a wild ride of a record, check out the video for 'Future Sex' below, and come see this future come alive in the foggy Wierd World tonite!

The first single 'The Staircase' b/w 'Not Afraid' off of the forthcoming new Xeno & Oaklander album Sets and Lights is out now! The video premiered this past week courtesy of the New York Times, and the A and B sides of the digital single via The Quietus, Fact Magazine, and RCRDLBL.com. Ascend the abstractly fragile steps below and enjoy the analog electronic corporeal delights inside.:

Sean and Liz will play a series of UK/EU dates beginning next week in support of the single.:
July 6th: London @ The Lexington
July 8th: Amsterdam @ Nieuwe Anita(with Future Islands)
July 9th: Zurich @ Longstreet Bar
July 10th: Milano @ Q21
July 11th: Basel @ New Jerseyy
July 12th: Vienna @ Fluc
July 13th: Stuttgart @ Komma
July 14th: Berlin @ King Kong Club
July 16th: Budapest @ Kuss Mich/Rohan

The WIERD enjoyed the eminently 'contemporary' pitfalls negotiating of ITs name again yesterday in replying to another journalistic post spell-checked inquiry - "Hey VRp can you read over the attached text and let us know if there are any corrections to be made?"..."Sure thanks, the only mistake is WIERD is spelled correctly, can you correct this please so its wrong?"...VR.

All critiques of big momma VR's apparently UNeducational system and vulgar post-lesbo cunnilingus jokes aside, the trials and VRibulations of Pie-eater Schoolworthless have long included a continual defense of keeping the 'I' intact betwen the V and the R - (perhaps disavowing ITs slightly banal Dutch heritage, apologies Oma and Opa) as a youth this consisted in stating that keeping the 'I' alive inside IT was a gesture of defiance towards the dematerializing of the flesh in the world, and in the bigger WIERD body of humanity outside - of moving un'said' 'I' one symbolic slot to the left in acknowledgement of the big IT staying decentered and offline, alive and non-alone in the blood and electricity-fueled WIERD World of the night.

Needless to say perhaps, as evidenced by you likely reading this sad little ephemeral fleeting flickr of beyond-unconditional 'spam-in-denial of ITself' nothing in an Email on your Iphad, the I vs. the E (nevermind VRp) is a non-stop warzone in 2011, and one which certainly has long been thus. For those of you young enough to forget, one of the WIERD's lifelong heroes the great Genesis P-Orridge in the early '90s most enigmatically, and what in VRetrospect IT would only rightly call Apocrophallically, began substituting 'e' for the first person pronoun 'i' in her incredibly elusive texts and essays. At the time this was perhaps simplisticaly seen as inordinately cryptic, or perhaps by some even decadent - as the cold gods know MDMA reeked horrible havoc on British pop music with the advent of the acid dance after '87 or so. Little did the world know as always s/he was 10 years ahead once again, in this case of the onset of the plague of e-bstraction, and when s/he intentionally often left the inner spiralled hook of the lower case 'e' ever-so-slight unattached to ITself when written by hand in script a literal aknowledgement of the forthcoming, and foreclosing off of the 'i' in the world outside, and the neverending future turn into the self was made clear. It was just a few years later that the wicked web began sucking the I out of IT indeed, and we saw these cryptically accurate truths, and the Genesis of the cold non-ecstatic fields of e-lations indeed.

So with this 'non-this' in mind the WIERD has slowly enVRoyed another love removal e-chine of the moment, as the city of NY has slowly come clean with the removal of the e from the 'AVE' city street signs - here i-knowledging the ascendancy of e-ography(and the now-epicly-cryptic "...Uhmagod I always fughet the world exists outside New York ha!..."). Have a stroll down Graham Av in BK and check out the huge new str__t signs, huge AV signs abound all green and beautifully clear as they blend with the trees...yet the e is nowhere to be found, where'd IT go??? Oooh I know, ITs in your hand, and does E understand? Do e dare to correct the correct, and live in the VRong...or has your techno acid beat e-diction been, alone and spirallistically unattached, and forever inside for too long?

Goutroy and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WI_RD!
Wednesday June 29th, 10pm-4am
(Live performance by Dangerous Boys Club at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC