WIERD Presents live performances by ANASAZI and ROSENKOPF!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

ANASAZI and ROSENKOPF Destroy the WIERD World Tonite!‏ Tonite WIERD proudly presents a VRip roarin, wickedly pleasure-seeking tornado of ultra-darkened death punk intensity, as we welcome the weekly party live debuts of ANASAZI and ROSENKOPF for a double bill at midnite! Anasazi unleashed the black beast a few weeks back when they ruled the night with Cult of Youth and Iceage at the Northside fest at Public Assembly...and for those not 'in the NO', step out of the YES and dress to VRepress as our forever-beloved, spirit-walking distributor of the Wierd Party himself previously of NYC post-punk legends The Hunt - his excellency Mr. Jasper McGandy of will indeed take the stage playin bass in Anasazi with Keegan, Chi and Co.!

This evening is particularly intriguing as we're also celebrating Micki's Finger's Birthday VRumour has IT! VR. Yes, this is inordinately beyond Very Rare IT seems, as we have simply never entertained the notion of a B-day for a discrete body part in ITself, well this is IT... guess theres a first time for everything right? Please understand the WIERD only has reserved dibs on one of these naughty little guys but the other 9 are wide open and laid bare for the nastiest bidder's desires, oooh lookatem so smooth, svelte, long and ready - 'wiggle wiggle'...ooh, yesss mmm! So this old Shady Lady is thinkin we'll tie the ever-handsome, prodigious young Occulturian Prince himself up real good, blindfold him, strip him, smack him around a bit for fun and then hang him from the rafters. And you wild WIERD wolves can put Mr. Fingers' other 9 little sexxxy boyfriends whereever you see fit, literally ow(!)...be creative now mmm hmmm. And in honor of such a 'Be Careful, you dunno where those hands have been, boy' extravagance, this charming man's naked, adventurous digit will be joined by none other than New England's ever-lovely mistress of the reluctantly consigned, couture-electronics world the great Veryrarealyn herself as the mistress of ceremonies, spinning the frosty night away with her ultra fierth baby bitch sidekick in tow - the wild Youth Cult teen DJ VRensation Glenne Marymagdalenesky!!!

Also a last minute reminder for our friends on the continent, Xeno & Oaklander's European dates in support of 'The Staircase' commence this evening in London!

Jeralyn, Glenn, and Hi-Fi Hillary Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday July 6th, 10pm-4am
(Live double bill of Anasazi and Rosenkopf at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC