WIERD Presents a live performance by QUEENS!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Okay so for the sake of argument(and its always eminently satisfying to 'say' this in an email right since theres only one of us here...thus the passive aggressive nature of the medium: aka I win, aka yr awsum! go fuck yourself, aka...VR) ITs safe to say if there is one thing in the Very Rare world we can all agree on IT is that WIERD is full of queens. Can we all agree on that?, do all the parts of me agree? Good. Yes indeed ITs true WIERD has the best queens in the world, hundreds of them of all shapes and sizes: tall, short, black, white, purple, straight, imaginary, reptilian, 18th century, diet/decaf, vegan...(well maybe not the last one as without the meat ITs not going to be a very sassy evening so...). SO that being thaid, a couple years ago the WIERD began to wonder - if we're so full of queens, why is IT something still seems to be missing from this aristo-royale flush of pleasure in the wild night? Whats that one thing this big queeny WIERD World needs inside IT to feel complete??? Mmmm...hmmm?

It was in a certain foggy evening daze several years ago back at the legendary Southside Lounge IT hit me, "I know the cure there IT is...", as a certain chillingly good looking shadowy figure walked into the WIERD in one of his countless guest DJ spots at the party this decade's past. As some of you cubicularly-lonely and isolated enough in the world to read these vaguely froide, rather unfortunate words each week well have heard before - as is slowly happening to the worlds of music, sex, shopping etc., abstraction occurs when the thing is taken out of ITself, and you are left alone with nothing but an empty shell of experience. Something has been lost, and needs to be put back into ITself to make IT once again happy, whole, and frefleshedly relieved. Perhaps this is where the WIERD World stands now. We are a big, seething, passion-fueled, foggy box of heat-seeking queens...but we need QUEENS to come and play inside us to VRee all we can be. And theres only one man for the job who can make our dream come true. And tonite FINALLY, after intensely nagging one of my absolute favorite people in all of New York for years to grace the VR's stage, the WIERD will become complete as we're putting the QUEENS back in the queens!

So with this(whoa) being daid RIP(click...), tonite WIERD is proud to welcome the weekly party debut of our beloved hero the amazing Scott Mou as QUEENS for a live performance at midnight! Yes indeed its true when the great Mr. Mou has some downtime from his ever-glamorous DJ schedule sharing the booth with everyone from OMD to Animal Colective, remixing and undercutting Motorhead with The Sisters of Mercy for the fashion runways worldwide, or working as one of the most erudite music writers in all of NYC manning the critical controls over at Other Music, he secretly crafts a highly sensitized, crystal-clear, swirlingly slippery and ultra-psychedelic world thats quite difficult to pin down. Yet we're VRinordinately pleased to say the pinning will go down on us all this evening, get dressed and feel blessed as Scott's got the stake, QUEENS will make you feel as one and forever relieve your queenly-abstracted, lonely little heartache! See you all this evening...VR.

Omar Perez, Birthday Girl Ms. Minimal Syb and Hi-Fi Hillary Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday July 13th, 10pm-4am
(Live performance by Queens at midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC