WIERD Presents a Very Rare performance by RELIGIOUS TO DAMN!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Tonite WIERD proudly welcomes the return of our long-time friends RELIGIOUS TO DAMN for a live performance at Midnight! Zohra, Josh and Charlie put on one of the most spectacularly shimmering, psychedelically slippery and jam-packed performances of the year last fall, and they've been hidden away for a greater part of this year writing the new record which they'll be recording in the first few months of 2012, and this evening they'll be performing the new songs live for the first time. Its quite hard to imagine that Josh has tied up and locked his inner Lindsay Buckingham in the closet, but VRumours(no Stevie pun intended) have IT indeed that the sparkling accoustic guitars and harp have taken a back seat to a new complex arsenal of analogue electronics triggering everyting from Marimbas to frozen lightning, and which for the purposes of tonite's show will be presided over by none other than the limited edition Korvette formerly known as WIERD's ever-lovely longtime doorgirl herself Ms. Kristen Sollee! And as if tonite's little Fête wasn't froid enough we'll also be joined by special guest DJs Anthem of Frank(just Frank) and the VReigning queen of the Parisian minimal electronic night Ms. Apple Sonatine of the BlackÖzlem Party. So come on down and kiss your inner twisted gypsy goodnight, tell her the nightmare's over...and watch her danse. VR.

The self-titled debut album from Frank Alpine is due out from the WIERD World Oct. 25th. A free dowload to the first single off the record "Dark Places" is available over at RCRDLBL.com:

The first ever Automelodi European tour starts this Friday in Paris. We have a full list of dates up on the website, and there is an excellent new interview with the always Very Rarudite Monsieur Paradis in Hartzine, FR:

As we announce earlier today, I'm proud to say Brooklyn Vegan and WIERD will be presenting the NYC debut of Anatomy of Habit from Chicago on a ultra hot and heavy bill with Vaura and Rosenkopf at St. Vitus sat. Nov. 5th! Advance tix are on sale for this one now. I can't say enough about AoH's debut album that came out this past week, apart from its currently #1 on my personal list of albums of the year thus far. I just got a big box of these, and what is I might add is simply one of the most incredible musical objects I've ever held in my hand, and I'll have them up in the WIERD distro this weekend. But for now the band has both utterly epic 17 minute trax up on their site, please pay them a visit and have a listen for yourself.

Next week wed. Oct. 5th WIERD is eminently excited to present a live performance by what is simply one of our favorite cold guitar-driven bands in the world, as we welcome the return of The Soft Moon from San Francisco! The band have come a long way since we put on their first ever live show just last December under an unforgettably brutal blizzard that dumped 3+ feet of snow on the club and literally shut down the city, I'll never forget walkin home 3+ miles to Bushwick with a 50 lb. santa sack of vinyl on my back at 5am, thus the permanent limp and facial ticks...but hey man its cool it was all more than worth it what a fukin show. Luis and co. have a new EP on the way entitled Decay due out on Halloween which Justin tells me we may be fortunate enough to hear a track or two live from on wed....we'll see, gonna be a wild month kids sharpen up yr icepicks and tell yr livers to get some sleep, summer's over and the WIERD world is VRarin to go...

Apple Sonatine(Blackozlem Party/Paris), Anthem, and Glenn Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday Sep 28th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Very Rare Live Performance by RELIGIOUS TO DAMN at Midnight!)
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC