WIERD Presents the DYSGENIX Record Release Party with DJ Dogdick Tonite!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

I used to know this fantastically pathetic, truly sad guy for a few years a while back who would routinely walk over to my house and ring my buzzer every other week or so. I'd let him in, no questions asked. He'd quietly shuffle in and politely take a seat on my couch, and I'd give him a glass of warm water in a slightly dirty glass as he liked it. I would say nothing the whole time, just sit down across from him in my fuzzy green chair and kind of act like I was paying attention. Then for the next hour or so he'd would apologize...and apologize profusely, for everything he's ever done, over and over...it was amazing. I was silent. And when the hour was over he would get up, whisper "thank you" one time, give me a nervous, slighty sweaty hug, and leave. I always liked our time together very much, and I miss him. And in those certain VR moments of a daze lately I'm sorry he is gone. Really sorry. So sorry...I swear I'm so...

Tonite WIERD presents a completely fucked-up mess of such inexcusable sonic depravity that I suppose I should apologize in advance of pressing the buzzer that is your silent minds at midnite...I'm sorry ok, Look I'm not perfect we all got problems, bad things happen to good people and their unpleasant little lives play out accordingly and we do things we shouldn't - so here you go. Perhaps knowing this, and with an ultra-shady all-star cast of despicable characters playing their own self-proclaimed form of "Idiot Savant Garde" electronic music straight outa the deepest rotting rectum regions of the Red Light District and across the putrifying pancreas of the midwest in tow, this evening's carnival including the likes of the 711 Boys, Mr. L, Hick Bizarros, DJ Dogdick and none other than the infamous Tom Raper himself on blowcals...god knows they never play for a reason ugh why would they?, I actually thought, and I'd say, that they're broken up, but that was wishful thinking apparently. Honestly maybe just broken's more like IT...though hmmm come to think of it, if a band's already 'broken' how could they ever properly break up anyway???...VR.

So IT turns out they're not and THEY'RE BACK!, and I know a few of you twitchy lurkers have been waiting forever for this one, and it's with absolutely apologetic pleasure the WIERD Presents DYSGENIX and DJ Dogdick for a double bill disaster at midnite! This event will be the official record release party for Dysgenix's long-awaited new full-length Dysgenik Epidemik out today on Ryan Andrews's Special Affekts Produktions label in Chicago, and Max Dick just moved his dirty gimp of a dog up to BK from Baltimore as it apparently ate a hole in his greazy power bottom moustache, so please give him a nasty spank and make him take a shower! So come on down tonite to see just how bad IT can get. You know - it might actually make you feel good about yourself, and guaranteed to be a truly awful experience to make you a worse person than you already are, so you got that goin for you too, awesome. Again, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say...except this record is absolutely horrible...and I live for horrible things, there's not many of them left. VR.

Anarexia and Glenn Spin the WIERD World Again I'm Sorry!
Wednesday February 22nd, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performances by DJ Dogdick and Dysgenix at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC