WIERD Presents the Weekly Party Debut of THE STERLING SISTERS Tonite!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

IT really is Very Rare nowadaze when you luck into seeing a band who really has a sound thats so perplexingly unique it's difficult to place in the limitless aether of history, and upon hearing their darkly splendid set a few weeks back at the Stolen Sleeves Collective tonite's performers certainly entered such a realm, as they properly dissolved the WIERD's nervous system in a unforetold chilling way. That being said, and as thus imperceptibly dead, the crusty soiled Sleeves I stole are anything but and still stuck in my fukin head, and there's only one way to gettem out...so this evening we're proud to welcome them back to NYC, as WIERD presents a live performance by THE STERLING SISTERS from Baltimore at midnight! The inordinately(honestly bordering on inappropriately) handsome front line of this young quintet of 20 year olds-far-beyond-their-years consists of the dueling vocal dialectics of Ms. Scout Paré-Phillips's classically soaring, icily fragile thunder vs. George Cessna's raspy deep-southern backwoods fuck-all croon - a wildly dynamic battle of opposing fleshly forces that plays out something like this: one of Lagerfeld's loveliest ladies, secretly moonlighting on hiatus from Julliard post Ph.D whateves - defected out of charmed boredom with the bland burdens of the couture image, hits the road for Deliverance from abstraction with her inbred, barefoot half-brother who's been locked up for life in a West Virginian bomb shelter with just a couple dirty ole cassettes by Chet Baker and the Violent Femmes to breathe through...they hitch a ride with the fantastically slutty, gun-toting nutbag niece of Steve Reich apparently raised on nothin but Comus, Michael Nyman, Requiem in White, and Naughty Noddy-era Current 93 when they still had IT circa '93 in the glove compartment and follow the river wherever it flows...Already forever lost in the taboo black love of a burgeoning sibling relationship, a month of blue caine and bloody bedsheets to the wind, the two strangle the disease-ridden third Reich with a sticky sixpack yoke just as the monster-truck-in-denial goes over a cliff into muddy apocalyptic oblivion, RIP. Needless to say, stories like this don't come around often, so stumble on in and rewind the drama bare...and dare...to get Very Rare...mmm hmm. VR.

Nikki Sneakers and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday February 8th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by The Sterling Sisters at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy, NYC