WIERD, Sacred Bones, and Mannequin Present the US Debut of UV POP Tonite!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Over the past few years WIERD has been inordinately privileged to host performances by so many of the true pioneers who forged the Very Rare soundtrack to our world that has played out over the course of too many wild nights to remember. Few however remain hidden jewels in the VR crown with the gravitas of the music of the amazing John K. White. It's honestly hard even to imagine the Wierd party without songs like "Portrait", "Sleep Don't Talk", and the absolute masterpiece and hands-down double-edged sword of a late night anthem of the party forever, the great "Serious", spinning the cold world smoothly away. Listening anew to this enigmatic band from Sheffield, UK nearly 30 years later that produced two flawless full-lengths and a plethora of impossible to come by cassettes and singles, John and co. sound like an underwater island deep in the middle of the explosive musical mecca of the early 80s that has finally risen to the surface untarnished. Far removed sonically at the time seemingly from both the detached, post-ironic pomp and snark of New Wave and the often gratuitously post-apocalyptic, liquored up and turned out hooligan-on-halloween bravura of British post-punk, UV Pop forged a sound much more restrained, private, and dark, and quite akin to the isolated efforts of a few lone spirits behind closed doors over on the Vaguely Froide continent...in my ears' mind it's always felt like the sound of a fragile, sensitized internal world barely held together, and on the verge of falling apart, yet still fighting with fuck-all pleasure to enjoy every last moment with no end in sight, maybe a sound too close to home for discomfort. And home is where the WIERD is, so I hope everyone can make it out to celebrate the impending, Ultra Violent collapse at last, live in the flesh tonight.

So it is with pleasure this evening that WIERD, Sacred Bones and Mannequin Records, Italy proudly present the US Debut of UV Pop at Midnight! This event will be the official re-release party for the band's long-deleted full-length debut LP No Songs Tomorrow, remastered and reloaded jointly from Sacred Bones and Mannequin this week. To make the event a bit spicier, perhaps paralleling the predictably irregular negation of our unpolitically 'central' air that apparently shuts down each week after 200+ steamy bodies pass through the shady gates to burn up the frozen floor - guard your daughters, drugs and drum machines as our beloved long-time Italian madman himself, Mannequin overlord Alessandro Adriani has flown in from Rome to Spin the WIERD away with Caleb and Frankie, live through this kiddies...'serious'ly. VR.

Alessandro Adriani, Caleb Braaten, and Frankie Teardrop and Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday April 18th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performances by UV Pop at midnight)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie at Delancy, NYC