Hot Guts and SGNLS Live in the WIERD Tonite!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Philly is a strange place the VR world has never been able to crack, for whatever everyone I've ever known there's been just tryin to escape from IT all forever, which I've never quite understood as they have one of the most incredible art museums in the world, legendary figures like Jane Tesco, David A. Williams and Jonathan Canady live there, and they have hands down the most fantastically crazy and violent homeless people anywhere to have a nice little polite lunch with in the park following your little jaunt through the masochistic perils of Colonialist furniture, the painterly rigours of late Cezanne and the triumphant perversions of Duchamp's Étant donnés, which makes a pretty fun city in my book mmm hmm, but hey what do I know?, alas. Regardless this week the WIERD rips a new frozen hot sliver in the Liberty Bell as our long-time VRiends from the shady PA crew roll into town for the first ever Philthydelphia Freedom from Freedom Festival, with Hot Guts and SGNLS live at midnight! This will be the official record release party for Hot Guts's debut LP entitled Edges on Heaven Street's President Ragon himself's venerable Blind Prophet label in the BK, from whom SGNLS new full-length is soon to follow as well in the late spring. Both bands put on a wild tornado of a live show revamping down and ruffying up classic sythwave and minimal electronics with a loose canon of darkened punk and early 90s skuzzrock shrapnel, should be another excellent war of the WIERDs tonite...and special thanks to Jeffrey Jinx for the inspiration and Voidly Visionary nomenclaturial abuse for this one. ;0. VR.

This evening we're also celebrating the birthday of our beloved hero and lovely soundman, who little do most of you likely know honestly almost single-handedly holds this entire fragile world together week in and out, simply one of my favorite people on the planet - her VRajesty Ms. Hi-Fi Hillary, happy birthday darling! XO

For those of you whose glowing hands are eminently glued to your downcast faces and you thereby get this in time, today we inaugurate a new weekly WIERD Records Happy Hour as Søren from RØSENKØPF takes over the Wednesday day shift at Home Sweet Home to fire up the Burning Sprits all day long with DJ Mike Calazzo, come on down and get so drunk you can't even come to the party, thereby literally making your presence Very Rare in the WIERD tonite at last.

Xeno & Oaklander hit the road for the midwest on thurs. making their long-overdue debuts in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Chicago. The Milwaukee event will be very special indeed as Sean and Liz will present a comprehensive demonstration and lecture on the ins and out of analog synthesis at the University of Wisconsin.:

Pre-Op Trans, Hayden Payne and Hi-Fi Hillary and Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday April 25th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performances by Hot Guts and SGNLS at midnight)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie at Delancy, NYC