WIERD Presents the Weekly Party Debut of BEIGE with Guest DJ Anarexia Tonite!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Ok fresh blood in the WIERD World tonight kids as welcome the weekly party debut of BEIGE for a live performance at midnight, come on down and show these cute young boys some shady-lady man love VR style mmm hmm! Terrible Record's own CEO Ethan S. and co. have been consistently hovering around the darkened electronic periphery for the last couple years occasionally grumpily wakin up every few weeks to cough up the occasional burst of their trademark gloomily smacked out bleakwave a la a Perfectly Prescribed Jason Spaceman channeling "Coney Island Baby" or The Splendour of Fear on a bad mood day. Over the past few months however the habit has become a bit more spastically serious as the off-white weirdos have apparently started freebasing the mopey guitars outa the mix apparently cut with whatever cranky skuzz-crumbs they can find leftover in the shaggy minimal electronic carpet after the UK Acid dance party crashed out and Jacked the Tabs in from the night before, keeping the same rhythmically circular krautedelic structures intact for some long trippy fucked-up yet suspiciously restrained and controlled travelogues spiralling deep into the lonely WIERD night. See you all in the misty (house) of pleasure this evening :0...VR.

ANAREXIA! and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday May 23rd, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performances by Beige at midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie at Delancy, NYC