WIERD Presents The VReturn of FURTHER REDUCTIONS with DJ Speculator Tonite!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

So VRumour has it the WIERD miraculously survived the wild week of musical mayhem that was the kickass Chaos in Tejas Festival 2012 down in Austin last week, hard to believe. Congrats once again to our hero Mr. Timmy H. for once again organizing the best fest in the land, no idea how the amazing madman does it all alone and sponsorship free, it truly may be the VR8th wonder of the world. Sincere apologies to everyone who's be grudgingly dissapointed we didn't drown in a nasty pool of sweat to finally end it all and become Very Rare at last after profusely babblin away all these years. I was indeed feeling we would, and kinda hopin for kicks that the end was nigh, but guess I'll have to wander around in this sorry old digitally compressed, superimposed and pulverized ephemeral excuse of an abstract body a for a few more shady years. Though in this day and age its gettin harder to tell the dead from the living anyway so who the fuck knows maybe we're already VR, even though we're not VR, but Wierd is you go gurl awsum...ugh sorry smack me and I'll shut up I just rolled outa bed and Wierd was on the morning news, stoked we're totally approaching the epicly dignified entertainment levels of beach blanket bingo and sketchy coke-fueled helicopter rides, ugh its too early for this I gotta sleep a few more hours the end really is on the horizon...Her eruditely bug-bitten majesty Ms. Bev wrote a few nice fest updates here.:

That being bled, a half inch above as well as brutally scarred, poisoned and mosquito-weltorama-infested with filthy hot Texan pleasure, on a slightly more buttoned up and 'well-mannered' note, just a quick reminder the French Open is in its second week now as we head into the final round of 16 this afternoon. As Shady Lady P reminds you all every year, as an homage to the most eminently restrained and disciplined annual event in all the world that triumphantly unfolds on the fertile battlefields of richly ripened red clay that is the 16th arrondissement each summer, Wierd Records mailorder is closed this week, for as you all know by now no underground musical event imaginable will ever hold a candle to the chillingly virile drama deep inside court Philippe Chatrier at Roland Garros...VR.

Ok ladies, tonight WIERD welcomes the inordinately long-overdue VReturn of our beloved friends of WIERD years' past FURTHER REDUCTIONS with guest DJ Will Burnett aka SPECULATOR for the band's 1st live performance at the party since 2010! Shawn tells me there's an entire new cold kingdom of trax to be unleashed at last this evening, with the SH101s flailing and voxtastic garlands of rose petals soaring, so get there early. Oh also of course dunno how you guys feel about it but the flipside idea however for tonight's party is perhaps, as suggested by the band's elusive moniker, and as it often more and more undeniably seems music is forever doomed to be imprisoned (in parentheses) in this dark day and age of 2012, and many of us have devoted our lives to tennis as a default escape from the icy black apocalypse impending, as everyone well knows by now Katie is not so secretly effortlessly taking over the scandalously glamorous world of daytime television dramas since launching her wildly successful acting career late last year, and the Master NoEQ himself is rapidly revolutionizing the massive new BK culinary underground scene. So I was thinking, maybe instead of a live show tonight Shawn could just whip up a nice big and deliciously decadent cheese and Pâté spread buffet and Ms. Rosebot can charmedly glide through the fog and do a few quick explosively emotional scenes to leave us all enraptured and it'll end in tears, ahhh I can't wait. See you all in our wonderful latenight world of Television for Women, and Music for Girls YES!

Also as we announced on mon., the WIERD/Show No Mercy Northside Festival Showcase with Deafheaven(CA)/Indian Jewelry(TX)/Pinkish Black(TX)/Vattnet Viskar(MA) is all set for next fri. night at St. Vitus in the BK! This is destined to be a very special evening traversing all heretofore preconceptions you've ever had about the bloodily blurring worlds of post-punk. black metal, coldwave, and dark and dirty gypseywave-drenched psyche, should be an elegantly cryptic mess of an evening indeed!:

Speculator, Hayden Payne, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday June 6th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performances by Further Reductions at midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie at Delancy, NYC