WIERD Presents a Triumphantly Bleak Evening with BELIEVER/LAW Live Tonight!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

So Google just announced they have hired an official 'philosopher' who lives in NYC, and I'm proud to announce that the chic who does his laundry has recently become a WIERD regular. As you all know the WIERD has long postulated like clockwork there is a direct proportional relationship between the weight of one's overhead outside and the surface area of one's underwear inside, so it goes without sayin yours black and bluely had to find out exactly what fashions the master of outside-less abstraction with nothin overhead to speak 'of' had goin on down in the taboo southern VRegions. I approached our newest Québécois import nervously last week, praying for once I was right...and in hopes she'd not reply with an answer of 'briefs' to my foil my theory and query on the prophet of transparency, I took my time, tip toeing slowly..."Hey don't you work for Google Philosophy and hang at Laundry Depot on Bushwick and Myrtle?"...as hoped for my advanced search for the 'goin commando' grail of secrets unearthed an invisible mindfield: "Excuse me, What? Ugh sorry, no. I think you're mistaken, but hi my name is Claire." VR.

Ok, right. Excellent. So in honor of the the lovely fact that the most brutally hot, blahthered and miserable month of the year has arrived once again as you wake up screaming in a pool of black sweat day after day in the not-so-frozen ghetto, tonight WIERD proudly welcomes the weekly party debut of one of the most fantastically dark and triumphantly bleak duos in New York BELIEVER/LAW for a live performance at midnight! B/L is the new latent EBM-shredded death industrial project of Michael Berdan, who fronts in the likes of York Factory Complaint and Youth Attack hardcore heavyweights Veins with the great Mr. Mark McCoy, and Erik Proft of ritualistic industrial outfit Kama Rupa. These guys have only played a few shows but the few trax floatin around in the abstract aether are an incredibly venomous, pulsing, electrically whip-slashed mélange of the best of mid-90s Zoth Ommog style EU EBM, early Italian power electronics and classic minimal synth, should be a wild night. The band just wrapped up a new K7 on the way from Ryan Martin's Robert & Leopold imprint, and his excellency Mr. King DAIS himself will be on hand for a guest DJ set behind the WIERD wheels of disease-VRidden pleasure. See you all stomped and bloody thrown deep in the shadows of the shady lady pit, where "kill yrself to live" is the only law of the VR land...believe IT, but who cares you don't even exist anyway.

Ryan DAIS and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. August 1st, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by BELIEVER/LAW at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC