WIERD Presents COSMETICS and MEAGER SUNLIGHT with DJ Jane Pain Tonite!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

So...VRumours have It a chill may in fact finally be in the rair after many brutally hot and blahthered months down here in the shadylady bunker, and we're yawningly considering rearin our twitchy ole bledheads to peak outa the trapdoor and even maybe go out there...yeah right, maybe next week - despite Its eminently unHerculean efforts the WIERD still hasn't figured out how to see ITs prickcellated shadow on the laptop maybe ITs panties are too tight oooh...ahhh thats better...hmm, no shadows just a few cute little stains mmm hmm, not sure if that counts...whatever stay tuned, deathrock daddy's goin back to bed nite nite zzz...

OK. Riiight. Anyway the trials and tribulations of the lifestyles of the radically confusing and glamourously uncomfortable continue on into the lovely misty night tonight and this week the WIERD World presents an excellent evening of pure minimal electronic magic with COSMETICS(Vancouver/CAN) and MEAGER SUNLIGHT(Providence/RI) Live with Guest DJ Jane Pain! This will be Cosmetics first live performance at the party since 2010 and they'll be breakin out the witch hazel and white gloves to un-couver the make-up on a whole new set of thpooky echo-laden trax. We've been eagerly awaiting the WIERD debut of Meager Sunlight since their amazing debut split 12" with Skeleton Warrior entitled Seasons of Nudity dropped last year on Josh Plotkin's great new More Records Imprint out of Tampa that topped our list of 2011's maximally synthetic best. MS is the latest project of the great Jeremy Harris, one of the grand wizards of the Providencial noise kingdom for much of the last decade who's been an absolute pillar holding the Northeast scene together through the Fort Thundering likes of Lazy Magnet and the incredible Daily Life with his excellency Mr. Mark Lord who destroyed the WIERD last year...I highly recommend this record with its long black ice-torching, wildly psychedelic, expansively fragile songs. Its great to have a new a whole new dark synth landscape that has opened up with MORE from the like of Container, Profligate, Unicorn Hard-On, and Outmode. Please pay a visit to the label site below and grab the new comp. its solid indeed. And perhaps above IT all this evening we're graced by the truly lovely Ms. Pain who makes her long-awaited WIERD DJ debut! You've seen our belovedly unchained wild child looking down from her charmed perch as gatekeeper in Lord Castillo's Castle Vitus and felt her anti-IT girl magnetism planting harshnoise bombs with flashes unfurled in the filthy-fierce basement of the Red Light District week after week, rigorously chronicled on her eminently energetic site below where endless hours of taboo pleasures unfold. Tonight's gonna be a good one, see you all in the WIERD...VR.

Jane Pain and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. August 29th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performances by Cosmetics and Meager Sunlight at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC