WIERD Presents a Live Performance by MERCHANDISE(Tampa/FL) Tonite!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

So...from last week's flier maybe you've inferred, and as I mentioned (here) earlier this year there's been a six figure offer on the table for quite some time now to permanently move WIERD outa IRL unVReality and into the interactively nihilistic tornado of virtual abstraction known as Second Life where IT could live forever online, VR. So after months of pervily-internal debate with myselves, I gave in and finally had a Skype conference call with the sketchily-slippery eastern Euro dudes who run this world over the weekend and you know - hey they actually seemed pretty cool and kinda fun to party with, who woulda thought LOL? But as I told them, a second simply irresistible offer came in I never could have anticipated earlier this week from my ultra-savvy two year old niece to move the WIERD World to her epicly killer new beyond baroque dirty dollhouse in New Hampshire complete with tiny fogmachine and 1:32 scale models of all your fave WIERD stars - Martial, Sneaky, Pre-Op, Jasper - she's gottem all and you can collectem and play with them and her little VRiends whenever you want mmm hmm! I'm thinking we'll most likely make the move in late Nov., and just an early heads up FYI the colored vinyl version of the Pre-Op dolls are nearly sold out in pre-orders and you know she's a popular gurl and not cheap so better count your coins! And just to clarify, contrary to VRumours unfortunately we still won't be able to do all ages...I know I know :( ...anyone over 3 MUST be accompanied by a toddler, so get yr fake IDs asap! At first I must admit I was indeed hesitant to finally amend WIERD's post-Learyly Very waryan long-standing ethos of 'don't trust anyone under 30' with 'don't trust anyone over 3' because you can't talk to them...but then I remembered you can't talk to 90% of everyone you 'know' anyway so its cool. I think we're good...that being anything but thaid - in other words 'Live free or die' is the new 'Kill Yrself to Live': Viva New Hampshire - All future roads lead to babyland backwards and downwards! :0

Ok school's back in session today full-on kiddies all kinds of taboo pleasures await you in the shady lady latenite playpen of pleasure this fall! Tonight WIERD kicks off the new VR season with the long-awaited weekly party debut of MERCHANDISE from Tampa, FL for a live performance at midnight! ITs been inordinately clear from so many of the incredible performances we've had the honor of hosting the past year from the likes of Anasazi, RØSENKØPF, VÅR, Believer/Law etc. that the mass exodus of the hardcore and punk undergrounds have almost single-handedly spiritually re-energized the coldest waves of the new post-abstractionery post-punk world, and these guys have a post-hardcore pedigree to bludgeon anyone in the pit. God knows we coulda used them during that massive 12 dude bloodbath of a brawl we had at 2am following the Future Blondes show a few weeks back (which safe to say was the worst in 10 years on the LES and which Jasper and I have been tryin to figure out how to sync up all the security cams in edits on to premiere for you all soon for the most intense VR WIERD live vid ever stay tuned...), and have been venerably doin IT on their own terms for a long fuckin time. Now long outa the pit, yet still in the van and and showerlessly showered up and ultra-sensitized to chill yr spine and icily inspire, the new Merchandise LP entitled Desire finally arrived a few weeks ago on Adam Whites's Katorga Works label and the band is out on the road playin ITs explosively gut-wrenchingly romantic tales of hope and love gone lost for the first time...get there early if you want to get a glimpse of the elusively frozen hot waves of fragile Floridian action...this dollhouse isn't big enough for all your VRiends, even if they don't exist at all. Which they don't. Rest unassured. VR.

Ning Nong(Heaven St. Recs/BK) and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. Sept. 12th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by MERCHANDISE at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC