Wierd Presents the Live Debut of ITALIAN HORN Tonite!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

This past year the city of NYC joined the likes of pop culture mags, tabloids, and indie-world websites in spreading the Very Rare disease known as the Infantilization-of-Everything when IT began applying the children's secondary school grading system to denote the hygenic performance of restaurants in the city - 'A' being the cleanest and safest to the ultra-taboo 'C' rating indicating beware of the naughty pleasures of filth within...In the WIERD's lifelong quest to keep the filth alive and thriving IT has been combin the city lookin for the true heroes of the dirty underground scene(also known to Wierdnoscenti we're told as simply The 'C'n)...and 'C' ratings are VR indeed as once you get the virus you have a limited period of time to get yr shit together until they shut you down. So last week the WIERD found a pretty shady Italian joint out in LIC that indeed had received the big harshly orange 'C' stamp spanked onto the facade and the place was absolutely packed and rockin from what it looked on the outside. Keeping in mind ITs oft-applied VReminder that entering any architectural domain is figuratively an erotic act, and therefore not unlike the teendream desire to party with hottest new bad-gurl band in the Queeny land, it seems what was happening was the local populace was inordinately intrigued by the FTW neglect inherent in such hygenic disregard, and wanted a piece of their action before they broke up. Or at least this was what the WIERD obviously assumed, but upon passing the trampstamp of a 'C' to enter the ominously sticky Italo Candy Walls inside, IT all became clear, the place really was indeed impressively nasty, and the only reason the whining, shouting masses skittishly dodging the rats and mold were there...was to 'C' IT for themselves, and as IT goes, the IT can never be 'C'n, alas. Very quickly the WIERD's questionably abstract interests in the mise-en-scène unfolding went cold, as the eminently impotent idea to take a whole day out to jet across the city in traffic to meet the already-huge most unpleasantly damaged queen of all was about as life-changing as playing a 2012 era 40 thumthing Madonna tranny look alike at Dominos and realizing she kicked your ass and forgot the extra cheese and spilled her decaf Dr. Pepper on your lap. And as you've 'C'n for yourself as reading this sadly self-sabotaging, unacceptably unclean paragraph certainly was, a complete VRaste of time, foiled again, VR.

But this morning IT awoke with hope, remembering there is another shot at enjoying the richly raw Italian pleasures of the world as tonite WIERD welcomes the great Anthony Pappalardo, aka ITALIAN HORN, for his first ever live performance at midnight with a full band in tow! This evening will be the official record release party for Anthony's excellent new LP The Bells of Spring out last week thanks to on our long-time allies Ryan and Gibby at DAIS Records. Anthony has long been a journalistically Very Rareudite pillar in the America punk and hardcore world, penning such monster works of seminal subcultural historia as the great Radio Silence and Live...Suburbia. When moonlighting from the confines of the written word Italian Horn is an equally carefully crafted, high end heavy and privately no-fi work of hiding-under-the-bed lonerwave longing. Located somewhere in between obscure dangling-off-a-cliff masters such as My Dad is Dead or the first Little Nemo K7s in the no, and maybe early Guided by Voices if Bob Mould bailed from Land Speed Record era Hüsker Dü and showed up to croon for his life suffocating under a pillow on 16 rpms in the yes...fuck if I know how to describe this one come on down to dirty old ladies night in the WIERD kingdom of Queens and 'C' for yourself, should be a lovely evening indeed! http://soundcloud.com/italianhorn

Glenn and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday April 4th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performances by Italian Horn at midnight)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home| 131 Chrystie at Delancey, NYC