WIERD and TOXIC STATE Present Cleansing Wave and Goosebumps Tonite!!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

This week WIERD's irregular monthly mess of blackened punk mayhem "Up the Punks' Ass" returns as we team up with sketchy madman Mike Hillerson and Co.'s Crazily Spirited TOXIC STATE label to present a wild double bill of a night featuring Cleansing Wave from Worchester, MA and NYC's Goosebumps with guest DJs BBG, Zack Freshkills and Glenn! Cleansing Wave are touring the east coast in support of their new 7" EP Heybaby and Goosebumps emerged from the womb of Hank and the Hammerheads have been putting on some of the most insane live shows in the city of late along with the likes of Dawn of Humans, Perdition and Crazy Spirit!

And as the WIERD's sitting here alone in the dark quietly lip synching "How Deep is Your Love" contemplating that it may finally be time to embrace ITs unavoidable future calling as the world's preeminent Barry Gibb impersonator while the tired eyez slowly scan the room to enter the radically bleak void that is the opening in the new 'Red Bull Total Zero' - the first ever beverage to promote itself with the added 'twist' that IT contains absolutely NOTHING, VR, it seems somehow approVRiate that for all of you out there in the aetherial abyss of death wonderin if the ethos of the new abstract anarchy truly still has the heat-seekingly heartfelt desire alive inside ITSelf to get beyond 'unfriending', tonight's your chance to come on down and see for yourself...I hope for the sake of the fleshly musical world it does, crustily clicked and dragged fingers crossed...but either way something tells me it should be an excellent hope-inducing nasty bloodbath of a night, don't forget to bring your bodies, the cold gods know we need them more that eVR.

The debut album from RØSENKØPF is finally out at last! Stream the record in its entirety with a great interview with the band over at Impose Mag. The Raw Spiritual Rebirth Tour hits the road beginning at Chaos in Tejas in Austin June 2nd.:

The inaugural issue of RIPP Magazine was born this week featuring a fantastic new feature by Vaura's Josh Strawn on the the best club in NYC. Congrats to Jacqueline Miro for makin the mag come alive, and to Lord Castillo and Co. on a rock solid 1st year in darkness, one can only hope in time others are inspired to follow our beloved Colombian playboy and master of taboo enjoyment's shining black example.:

BBG, Zack and Glenn Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday May 2nd, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performances by Cleansing Wave and Goosebumps at midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie at Delancy, NYC