WIERD Presents INDIAN JEWELRY(Houston/TX) Live with Guest DJ Jonathan Toubin Tonite!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Tonight I'm proud to finally welcome one of my long-time personal favorite, absolutely fucking kickass live bands of the entire last decade I've always hoped we could have roll into town and destroy the place, and after seeing them blow the roof off Vitus last month in font of a jam packed house at the Northside fest's WIERD/Show No Mercy Showcase, no doubt the lone star dustbowl of oversexed drugwave destruction's all goin down at last this evening as WIERD presents a live performance by the amazing INDIAN JEWELRY from Houston, TX at midnight!!! Erika, Tex and the rest of the Swarm of Angels family crew who god knows have made up so many darkly splendid Texcentric bands in recent years from Twisted Wires to The Electric Set to Coxcombs, VRS, Future Blondes et al skuzzfinitum it's hard to even know where to start...The band has a new LP on the way in Sept. entitled Peel It they'll be debuting songs off of tonight for the first time along with a few burners from 2010's excellent Totaled...VRuffice IT to say IJ have been an inspiring pillar of hot and dirty pure rock and roll sexual intensity keeping the deep south alive and Very Rare for a long time, they're better looking than you and they don't even care, and tonight will be a serious party. To make things extra VR we're on the Night Train all Wierd long as our old friend the great Mr. JONATHAN TOUBIN will be swinging by for a guest DJ appearance and its Glenn's Birthday, so come on down and offer your condolences to the lifetime Cold Wave King of NYC who built our Home Sweet World!

Jonathan and Glenn Spin the WIERD World!
Wed. July 18th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by INDIAN JEWELRY at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC