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WIERD Presents Tamaryn, Religious to Damn, and Vuk Live!

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Well Glenn and I have been longingly using the term 'Gypsy Wave' for quite some time now, always in hopes that maybe some day it would mysteriously appear in the frozen cold flesh before our Weary WIERD eyes... And now, as some of you may have noticed of late it seems that this vaguely foggy apparition of a genre we've platonically envisaged existing - formed in equal parts from the ever-Romantically warm, so very far away 'Femme Fatalienne' vocal traditions of the East backed by the icy cold razorblade guitars of the West - has in fact in the past year organically materialized here in New York! This Friday August 29th WIERD Records is proud to bring together on one lovely intimate stage at the old CSV Theatre on the LES of Manhattan for one night only three fantastic new artists for your listening VRleasure!

This evening will truly be Very Rare both as we are welcoming Vuk in her debut US performance all the way from Helsinki, Finland, and because we bid farewell to our long-time friend and supporter Tamaryn as she prepares for her move to California next month...So needless to say, if you've avoided it thus far, now is the time to truly stop and don't live in fear...of the WIERD...VRp.

WIERD Presents:
Religious to Damn
with Pieter from WIERD Records NYC Spinning the New Gypsy Wave!

Friday August 29th, 2008
CSV Theatre
107 Suffolk St.
New York, NY
Doors 9pm, 18+, $5